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  1. The PC controls are horrible.
    Definately a deal breaker for me.
    GL SoE...you're gonna need it with this garbage game.
  2. Then use a gamepad. It's not hard, you have one. Plug it in, go to the options menu, choose "enable joystick."
  3. Doshibu wrote:
    Do you even have the game? There is no "enable joystick" option. THere's barely ANY options whatsoever.
  4. Doshibu wrote:
    Aculeo doesn't know what he's talking about cause there is no such "Enable Joystick" option in the settings.
  5. Well, I'll be able to tell you for sure when I get home in about 1 1/2 hours.
  6. In front of the game now, no such option.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rru_OjSKGok
    Options -> Settings -> Controls -> Enable Joystick. It's right under the mouse sensativity options. So, if it's not there now, I'd assume it is a bug in the retail release.
  8. There was indeed an option during beta for the gamepad. I know this for certain, since I had to go out and buy one in order to play. You're right, the PC controls are awful, as was pointed out numerous times during the beta...
    Check under options, then game controls... there should be an option for the gamepad under the Keymapping section.
    I'll check myself once the DL is finished.
    Best of luck...
    Rock On
  9. orip wrote:
    Are you so easily deterred with everything? Just plug in an XBox controller.
  10. Pc controls work just like other mmo games. For me, I just re bind my keys. FYI there are options on the initial start screen. The one where the play button is.
  11. Im glad I found this post, as I was hoping I wasnt the only one that had a major problem with the controls.
    The PC controls DO NOT work like any other MMO. There is no mouse pointer for starters, which I use in EVERY MMO for targeting. You cant move with the mouse, which I also do in every MMO. Fact is, the controls are almost nothing like every other MMO. The controls are the way they are simply because this game is also on PS3. Its like they ported the PS3 version to PC or something as far as the controls go. The mouse is nothing more than a free camera and your attack buttons. It sucks.
    A gamepad might be fine, but I dont have one and I shouldnt have to get one just to play. Its ridiculous.
    How hard would it have been to put in an option to move with the mouse and have an on screen mouse pointer? or allow us to remap the attack keys from the mouse buttons.
    Excuse my frustration in this rant, but I was VERY much looking forward to this title and now Im totally bummed out. The game looks amazing, and the talent trees look good, but I cant enjoy it at all because of the controls.
    If there is something anyone who reads this can suggest other than purchasing a gamepad solely for this game, please feel free. Thanks in advance.
  12. No options for anything you want to do under keybindings?
  13. All the times I played in beta and at shows, events, etc i played on the PS3 with controller and it was fun... today when it shipped i bought it for PC because i have a station access account but it only applies to the PC version, otherwise I was giong to buy the PS3 version which is the one I'd played... well... the PC controlls suck, bad

    at the VERY least they need to allow us to re-map keyboard keys and invert the Y mouse axis. That's EXTREMELY basic to playing a game like this. I own almost every MMO in existance, and i've never NOT been able to invert the Y axis ( I play with a trackball, it's vastly more playable with inverted Y axis for 3d games) and only one other game that I've played that I couldnt change my moment keys on the keyboard (i'm an esdf player NOT a wasd player) and that game i quit after the first week...

    Movement keys and being ablet to re-map them is about as basic as it gets to allowing the most people to enjoy a game..
  14. Doshibu wrote:
    No, and Ive been going through every option there is to see if anything can help. The conclusion Ive come to is, in order to enjoy this game Im forced to buy a gamepad. Im sure it would work perfect. My guess is that WASD is the left stick, and the mouse is the right stick. Which would be perfect, but the fact that it is basically unplayable without a gamepad is highly disappointing.
    My wife also plays and she got through the char create screen first and she was complaining about the controls. I thought I could just fix her binds or something, but once I got into the game I found that not to be true. So now I need to go out and purchase 2 gamepads I guess to salvage the $100 I just spent on 2 games for her and I. Im just beside myself about it all really. I cant believe they would ship the game as the controls are and think it would be ok for PC, it was clearly setup for a console.
    Anyway, if youre at work and youre reading this. I hope you have a gamepad, if not you might want to stop on the way home.
  15. just don't get a logitech. they're screwed up at this point.
  16. Tharkis-EQ wrote:
    You can invert Y axis, its under camera.
  17. ARCHIVED-Jot Guest

    People really need to check in options menu for some of this stuff, its there.
  18. Yeah, I use my 360 controller. I'm really surprised at the lack of keybind options, though. That really is a step backwards in design.
  19. I agree with a lot of people here regarding the PC controls. I had to stop playing after the tutorial because it was getting too frustrating. I did finally figure out how to change the axis for the mouse but still can not figure out how to back up my character up. The camera angles are also horrible. Half the time I can't even see what I am doing. And no, I am not going to go out and buy a controller to play a PC game.

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