PC players you can get 50% off DLC!

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  1. Lmbo. This is SoE, expect to be shafted xD

  2. I'd more annoyed that we didn't get the 25% off multi month sub deal they had last month.
  3. If you want to get deals more frequently, go download the PC version of DCUO, they have stated time and time and time again that they can just throw up any deals they want to on the PC side because they don't have to go thru any red tape like they do with the Playstation Store for the PS3 Marketplace.
  4. didnt see this first..sorry to jack your thread, but man what a waste I feel robbed almost as much as I do from that $60 cd purchase.
  5. Well I just saw this on FB and Mepps said PS3 Players Stay Tuned. So we might see this. If so I would buy all the packs and most likely drop sub for a little bit.
  6. You lower prices on items if they are NOT selling. You maintain prices or even raise prices on items that are selling while they are in demand. There is no need to lower prices on one time purchases if they are selling well. DLC packs are one time purchases as no one is able to purchase the same item on the same account
    SOE needs more PC sales since 70% of the current players are on the PS3 :
    The Executive Producer of DC Universe Online posted on 07/20/2012 that recent PS3 issues were brought on by a steady and continuing increase to the player population:
    So adding more players on the PS3 has lead to less server stability while they really need more players on the PC side. I suspect they will have more PS3 sales once they resolve some of the capacity & stability issues.
  7. Well it makes sense to reduce pricing on previous DLC's to increase the newsales for old content. Not surprised PC gets it before PS3... But if the Summer Sale proved anything it's that SOE can do this for us if they choose to, it's just got to make financial sense too... maybe they will wait to see if it spikes sales enough for the PC to make it worth the headache on PS3.
  8. PlaystationXYZ wrote:
    Hey, I am glad someone FINALLY gets it...I keep saying this in all of these threads but obviously it doesn't register
  9. Except we all know it's not the red tape...
    it's the red ink
  10. Same red tape that the UK people have to wait on, USA servers are easier for DCUO to mess with... I personally think that most of the users here are not happy unless they are complaining about something.
  11. I'm legendary so I don't buy dlc's but I do think it's a load of crap that we pay more for the same content. IMO ps3 side should get more discounts for the bugs we deal with.
  12. That the same red tape all the 3rd Party Publishers must go through for PS Home?
    It's a wonder those Dragon's Dogma people bothered with weekly DLC releases instead of dumping it all once.
  13. Anyone else troubled by the mentality that if someone else gets a sale then you're getting shafted? All I hear is...I WANT, I WANT, I WANT, I WANT, I WANT! There is just no appreciation for how the world (and business) actually works. A business will do these things when they want and how they want. And trust that everything will be done with their benefit ($$$$) in consideration long before your benefit is even glanced at.
  14. Another "Rile up the PS3 USers" thread.
    What to save some money? Buy Legendary subscription then.
    I'm on the Grandfather clause for the Legendary subscription and I pay $30 for three months. I keep track of when it is due and put some money in my PSN wallet for them to take. On the link you see what you get for that status.
    DLCs? I get them free! Now if I decided to go to premium I would have to buy them if I want. Am I worried that the PC people are getting stuff cheap? No. Why? I has been like this from Day 1 with this game. PC use Station Cash and PS3 goes through PSN. Same umbrella but different sub companies. Been through this every time someone sees something on the PC forum, Facebook or Twitter.
    Like Mepps said, stay tune PS3 users! They'll do something for us soon.
    Edit: Ok now we have the reason for the PC sale! Mepps posted on the PC forum & Facebook -
    "Starting Monday, August 27th, 2012, we will no longer accept Station Cash as a payment method for Expansions and DLC Packs. Real-world currency will be the only way to purchase these products.
    The reason for this is simply that these products require a high level of development resource and are therefore a substantial cost. We want to continue to run aggressive Station Cash promotions, which we know our customers love, but cannot continue to do this and protect the revenue that we need to offset these costs.
    In consideration of our players who would like the opportunity to purchase current Expansion and DLC Packs with Station Cash, we are running a 50% discount on them from Friday August 10th until Sunday August 12th*.
    As always, if you have questions about your Station Account or Station Cash Balance, please contact customer service at http://www.soe.com/support."
  15. This is also confirmation that Sony's once promised "We plan on adding DLC to Skeet's Imporium in the future." was utter crap, and they will not be doing that, ever.
  16. frankd01420 wrote:
    This also coincides with the fact that PC has lifetime legendary for $200, which as of this month, will be 20 months since game's release, meaning after this month, at a rate of $10 per month, anybody that bought lifetime legendary when the game launched, will no longer be paying for legendary, but still be earning $5 station cash every single month, for the remainder of this game's life.
    And even up until now, PC users have been able to use station cash to buy DLCs, whereas PS3 has not been able to use loyalty points to buy DLCs.
    So, explain again, how things are exactly the same between PC and PS3?

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