Pengbot Maximus.. how do you beat this thing?!?

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  1. Pengbot Maximus... if you fly, it pulls you down. If you run, it knocks you down. It triggers its whirling death attack every few seconds, which also continuesly knocks you down. I can't even get a dent in it.
    How do you beat this?!?
  2. WHen in doubt.. block and roll
  3. Take down the adds first, then take Pengbot from range if possible. When you see the charged attack icon over his head stop shooting and then as he spins towards you step/roll to one side, hit him with a power (For the damage buff) and start backing away while using a ranged attack to give yourself more room for his next big attack.
    If in doubt roll... It's easier to catch up on damage from not attacking than it is to take damage from attacking when you should be avoiding him. There are 3 health barrels in the room, try not to break these before you need them, no full auto/arrowstorm while Pengbot is near them.
    If your melee... Lob a barrel at him and leap in after it, again watch for the charged attack and block when you see it.
    Despite what some may tell you it is possible as a fresh L30 with blues and greens, it's just not easy.
  4. Only fresh new level 30 I was able to take him out with was... my healer ironically - a long involved fight... but get him I did. Had to get some better gears to take him out with my DPS toons.
  5. Ive completed every level 30 solo quest but this one. Its a total pain in the backside! Ive tried everything and just cant beat this bloody thing! Ive tried the ranged attack when he starts to spin like a loon but it just doesnt work. I have since got some better armour with increased defense so will try again soon. *fingers crossed* I will beat him next time!!!
    P.S. Who and why gave this post a negative vote?! Isnt this the forum where players come for help and advise?! What is wrong with you people?!
  6. Stay ranged, and know where the healing barrels are located. When he charges, get out of the way. When he reaches the health point that he comes in with his wings flapping and stumping, kite him. Kill one add after the initial spawn of them and they both blow up. Hope that helps and good luck to ya.
  7. He's tough. That instance wasn't in the game at launch. It was added in to give a new challenge to people who has been playing for months at that point.
    You may need to get some Tier gear before you can or do a lot of rolling and blocking. He's hard, but he makes us all become better players to beat him :)
  8. Fundamentally wrote:
    He never made me become a better player. He just made me decide that I didn't need the measely Feat points for the Split Personality set, and I never went back after the first run through.
    The time it takes to beat him and spend in the Solo Challenge, is not worth the t1 marks. I can get 2 to 3 times as many running a few other Challenges in the time it takes me to get through Penguin thanks to that fight.
  9. haha, well that is the other way you can go :p but you shouldn't, he's actually a challenging fight and I got (and still get) a lot of satisfaction from beating him, but the interupts can be frustrating so get back from him and use you range and barrells.
    as a heads up, Penguin is pretty tough as well.
  10. Used ranged attacks, DOT attacks (DOT = damage over time), and bring a health barrel from an earlier room (to add to the ones already in the room). This instance requires strategic use of health barrels. Especially when your gear has relatively less Defense, where at some later point in time, you have better gear/gear with more Defense.
    With my melee character (DualWield), I'll drop the extra health barrel from above into the room (before i drop into the Pengbot room). I'll take out the lil bots 1st. Then get the health barrel I brought from other room and slam it on the Pengbot. I pop a power that amplifies my damage, and go to town with combos. I might even block occasionally. When the health barrel ends, move back, do ranged, DOTs.... smash the lil bots... do it strategically. Using Health barrels when necessary. I also don't draw enemy attacks in the direction of health barrels because I don't want health barels broken by them & I don't get the heals.
    This ain't a Kratos campaign. Some enemies in DCUO, you just take your time kiting them around the room and slowly destroying them with ranged attacks.
    When Pengbot throws his temper'tantrum (slams the ground with wings repeatedly), I block and roll away. Used ranged attacks, then lunge back to him after his slams stop.
    good luck
  11. As a fresh level 30 Gadget Controller I had a lot of trouble with Pengbot Maximus. I have decided to wait until I have better gear before trying again. I am too fragile ;_;.
  12. perre wrote:
    Has to be Pyro Pengbot... they work the same as the scarabs in Gotham U. The Red scarab kills every single scarab in range if you kill it first.
    AwesomeSauceUK wrote:
    A much better idea than you realize. I'm getting more skill points on my controller before I attempt Aquaman and I'm 30 (granted I'm going for one-shot instances in that I get the no death, the "hidden" hideout feat and the no item/supercharge in one single go).
    Pengbot Maximus is no joke.
  13. ARCHIVED-yca Guest

    dcdanno wrote:
    melee characters will struggle with that fight. even with full t2 my melee ice tank struggles in that fight. it's way out of line with the rest of the instance and it's not worth the frustration at all.
    tips include:
    • stay ranged.
    • bait him into running over his own minibots when they spawn or area them.
    • keep dodgerolling
    • use the barrels sparringly.
  14. AwesomeSauceUK wrote:
    Common sense. I like it a lot. And may I say you are a very handsome Controller, mister.
  15. It's still feasible but if you're still learning the combat system I wouldn't recommend even thinking about doing this instance.
    Pengbot Maximus eats your dreams. IRL.
  16. Play like a bull fighter. When he charges at you step out of the way.
    Regardless of what weapon style you have... right click.
    Understand your own damage mitigation. Work your self buffs on you for increaseing health, defense, healing, energy, DPS, etc.. and work those debuffs on him to lower his defense, healing ability, damage, etc.
    As someone mentioned earlier, use the barrels sparingly. Start with using your Soder Colas first, then barrel then soder. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
    Kill the little guys to get energy back.
    But most importantly, learn from your mistakes as you go.
  17. It's crazy you go through the instance with no problems then when you reach this boss, you're stuck if you're a fresh level 30. I just took my death and moved on, last thing I need is a game to stress me out.
  18. As a green geared nature villain alt, i stomped him pretty easily. Moar DoTS!
    There is a hidden healing barrel inside one of the stacks of trash in the fight, so you have 3 to pop, plus the one outside. Learn where they are and stay away from them until you need them. If you're mental, refrain from using telekinesis or you'll send those barrels smashing into him. Stay at range and learn his tells.
    This fight is excellent for you to learn survival and test your powers to see how well you can perform under pressure.
  19. Amorphous wrote:
    Actually, if he's far enough from the barrels TK will hit without them flying around but it's a VERY strict placement. That being said, if you're against Pengbot alone you shouldn't be firing off TK anyway since he's immune to the good part of TK in DPS - the lift-up.
  20. Best way to defeat him; STAY THE HELL AWAY and use your most damaging combos. Also destroy the tiny bots before they get close. A ranged weapon will serve you well here. Also there are 3 orange barrels in the room, USE THEM. FIND THEM AND USE THEM.

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