Plastic Man in this game?? and the power??

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-LL33, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. We ever going to see Plastic Man or Elongated Man in the game??
    Also, was wondering if you have worked on or are working on this as a future power?
    What does everyone think it would be? Would it be a tank, or controller?
    Does anyone want to play this power??
    I think it could have some cool combos.
  2. Idk but i'd love another TANK class :)
  3. Central City would be the perfect place for E-Man to pop up. Kid Flash too...doesn't matter if its bart or wally. one of my g=favorite costumes. Even as passive npcs.
  4. I'd love to see Plas or EM to be a new bounty for the villians.
  5. Plastic Man would be awesome. Elongated Man is not nearly as good and he is dead anyway. Well he was until they restarted. Would have to be a tank I think. This power set would absorb a ton of damage is my guess.
  6. Aye, I've suggested a Shapechanging powerset several times. Plastic Man's ability to change into more inanimate objects would make it a different flavor from Nature's Shapechanging tree.
    I've often thought that Earth could have such a tree - something Clayface-like, or like Sand from the JSA. Or Plaz, of course ^^
  7. Definitely a tank class! Elasticity absorbs damage and gives Certain about back or absorb blows to increase power to dodge all melee attacks. Or just to increase power. Can u imagine their pull?!?!? Lol awesome
  8. Mr. Fantastic isn't one of my favorites but his character was one of the most fun to play in Ultimate Alliance.
  9. Armagged3n wrote:
    It'd make an interesting melee Controller class as well. Wrapping your arms around an enemy for crowd control, turning into a ball and bouncing on a mob's head for a Stun.
    How about a Tank/Controller hybrid?
  10. shadymf wrote:
    I concur!
  11. Glad to see I am not the only one :)
  12. ARCHIVED-eob Guest

    I just want Deadman
  13. [IMG][IMG][IMG]
    Plastic Man Style FTW!
  14. eob wrote:
    lol what does Deadman have to do with this?? :) I think he would be a good add though
  15. SoylentBob wrote:
    Interesting pics :)
  16. I think this power would be soo cool...anyone know if they are looking at it?
  17. LL33 wrote:
    Still, like HmoobBoy1 said a while ago, another Tank class would be nice!
  18. Elastic powers would be a great Tank class. have lots of reflect damage abilities i'm guessing, and it would have a pull.
  19. hes my break down of what i think
    tank-would work well have your body espand and puff up like a wall when playing defence.maybe have you fist turn into differnt weapons for differnt attacks
    light attack little ball or mace of some kind
    strong giant mallet.
    control ( dont play so cant tell.)
    healer no- Rubber doesnt seem like a good healer.
    dps- whiping and flinging people around sounds fun :)

    some ability
    big breath-inhale expanding body to push away
    whip hand pull enemies
    hamer hand aoe kinda like kilowags ability in duo map

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