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  1. where can i find the list of ports for this game?

    **Ports are tcp/udp 7775 - 7778, 11010 - 25999
  2. This is very important, I require this as well.
  3. I would really prefer not to put my router into DMZ mode for obvious reasons....I have searched everywhere i can think of and have not found a list of router ports that are used.
  4. Nm. Clicked the "me" link on that page and it displayed all the ports that were needed. Thanks.
  5. Hey Everyone. I was told to do this port forwarding thing by tech and i have never done this before when playing a game...could possibly be my new internet service provider and a new router. Can anyone talk me through this? I am on my routers Port Forwarding page but it is only giving me 3 areas to put numbers...any ideas?
  6. I waited for about a hour and a half to talk to a tech and within the first 2 minutes he told me it was my port forwarding and I need to change that. Turns out it isnt the ports at all. I even went as far as to completely unhook my router and run the internet straight into my PC and still had the same problems. So if I were you I would wait on messing with ports, all the techs have been handing out that same excuse all day. Its just something they say to get rid of you lol.
  7. thats great....i was hoping he was onto something....oh well. i am out of ideas on this...not sure of what else i should try...i can only restart my computer and restart the download manager so many times....im sure everyone else has seen this but i get stuck at the 12.0gb of 12.1gb downloader...
  8. If you think it really might be one of the ports rather than messing with those, I would just disconnect from your router for a minute and try that way. If it is still not working then it has nothing to do with your ports.
  9. Stupid question, but are you saying unplug the router and then replug in? My issue is i have a Westell Modem that acts as my router as well. Im in NC and have a strange internet set up. My phone line (kinda like DSL) runs into my modem/router and then connects to my computer. I cant run in from the wall to the computer or i would have tried that....
  10. Not a stupid question, I should have worded it better. I don't think it would work with your setup. You would have to have your modem and router seperate for that to work.
  11. yeah this sucks...im out of ideas then. When you did the port thing, did you do it through PORT FORWARDING or PORT TRIGGERING? I looked at the forum that explained the 7775-7778, 11010 - 25999, UDP: Same 7000 number thing and honestly...the forum didnt help, i dont know exactly where those numbers go in the Globalport start/global portend/base hostport. heck, i dont even know if im at the right thing! haha
  12. Thanks for this info, helped out. My game download was taking ages, soon as i've opened the ports specified it downloaded really quick.
    For those having trouble check out www.portforward.com. Has step by step instructions (also the static IP program which is free to download works a treat). If you can't see DCUO listed for your router, then look at Everquest II and just substitute the IPs for the ones for DCUO.
  13. Is there a way to open multiple ports simultaneously that I'm too noob to know about? I was opening them individually but 10000 ports is ridiculous.
  14. seereno3 wrote:
    port range.
  15. Did anyone have any luck with this? I've forwarded my ports but I still get disconnected after about 10 secs in the game. I've tried connecting directly and that seems to have worked but not using the router is not really an option for me.
  16. dumb question maybe but did you make sure that your computer's ip is static?
  17. Does it need to be static? It's currently set to get the ip automatically.
  18. Your IP for your PC needs to be static in order to forward the port...
    If your PC's IP life ends it will ask for a new one (reboot, internet drop, router reboot etc). It might get the same one, it might get a different one. So if it changed you will need to change the port forward to the new ip address, and it will need to be changed every single time the ip changes. Therefore you NEED to make it static so the port is always forwarded to the PC/Static IP of that PC (hope that makes sense!)
    Theres a guide here, and i recommend the static IP software - works a treat :)

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