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  1. GenericBlack wrote:
    That completes the circle.
  2. Wow, you guys sure are a pathetic bunch. Out of all the characters in DC we can make a thread for, you guys choose PG. Excellent character, but that isn't why you made this was it? I'm willing to bet none of you ever read a single one of her comics did you?
  3. ValendianKnight wrote:
    she has comics about her?
  4. ValendianKnight wrote:
    So we'd be less pathetic if we read comics about the attractive woman?

    You run in some strange circles my friend.
  5. Coremodels wrote:
    Wow, way to miss the point of my post. She's a great character, but she only gets attention cause everyone in this game act like 14 year old boys who can't see a pair without drooling. I mean come on, she is the ONLY character with a thread dedicated to her, and it's got nothing do with her as a good character. But hey don't let me stop you, knock yourselves out kids.
  6. ValendianKnight wrote:
    There's a 'Super Bulge' thread around here somewhere.
  7. ValendianKnight wrote:
    Personally, I took the thread as mostly a good natured joke...not a teenage, misogynist rampage. Lighten up.
  8. LMFAO This thread is so full win xD
    But seriously, Power Girl is a cool character, would be even without the cleavage.... Too bad Finland doesn't get any DC comics at the moment, so can't buy any :/
  9. [IMG]
    it would be epic if codpiece was put into the game lol
  10. shangfu wrote:
    Just give me your credit card details and I'll be sure to pick you up some copies.
  11. Oron345 wrote:
    Hahah :D
    If you are serious, would be great to read some DC essentials to get more into the game world. :)
  12. golddragon71 wrote:
    This is just wrong on so many levels. I'd hate to ride in a crowded elevator with this guy.
  13. My only question about 'ol Codpiece is, where's his ammo hidden at?

    or its in his bum
  15. Boltman33 wrote:

  16. rejectSoul wrote:
    Are... are they full of pictures?
  17. I think she looks better with short hair.
  18. Fascism wrote:
    Yep definitely better with short hair. And the hairstyle in "They're too... BIG?" picture is great too, even though i prefer redheads.

    And here's some more eyecandy:
  19. Tygari wrote:
    HA HA HA HA!......oh wait, you're serious?
    put down your controller dude and get back in the kitchen.

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