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  1. Ive been healing my heart out and loving it---- but I thought Id make a new toon and decided to go sorcery dps so I have something a little different to do..... my question is, for dps--- should I favor precision or might?... Now for sorcery, Im thinking might... specialy with the ability that lets you not use a weapon and instead ups your power regen... thus Id probably get more dps out of that, right? But what about other dps classes.. does might still hold the crown, or should you go with all precision and maybe a couple of fast weapons for more damage?
  2. I have come across both styles of DPS. Might does well when using the tier armour sets. While you will have to use blues and greens to stack a good amount of precision. Both do really good DPS but I've found precision DPS burn out in raids. They dont have good damage mitigation and get slapped silly in raids and die fast. So yeh they do good DPS...but a dead DPS roll is no good at given a good amount of DPS. I prefer might as its based on power damage plus with the damage mitigation in the armour. You will stay alive long doing more damage in the long run.

    You wanna increase your precision if you're gonna be using a lot of weapon damage. If you cast a lot of spells and powers then go for might.
    Also if you're gonna be doing DPS, then make sure you concentrate your skill points towards critical attacks and chance.
  4. After trying very hard to do a decent precision DD. In the end I was just having to rely on my powers to much. Digital Prime said it as well. In the long run it's going to run out of steam with bigger bosses and raid lvl mobs. IMHO Might is right and precision is just a good back up
  5. Sorc DPS: Might

    All other DPS: Precision
  6. Might all the way for sorcery dps. You will rely on powers all the time.
    Circle of protection to increase dmg and aoe dmg anyone in the circle. Cast weapon of destiny to add damage (might based) to your normal attacks. Cast final ruin to essentially nuke them (1000+ hits with high might).
  7. Bryn1987 wrote:
    Fail. Nature DPS, Fire DPS, are definitely Might based...
  8. Go for might and just get a raid weapon. /lazy
  9. Right on, thanks guys--- this pretty much cleared it all up for me... I had tried to research the answer before making this post but couldnt really find anything that jumped out at me and I knew you guys could help!
  10. LunchBoxChewey wrote:
    Eh, I can't speak for fire, since I haven't played it much, but nature can easily go either way. They have a few crit rate buffs, so if you stack precision and crit damage, throw on the buff, and then use multiple quick hits such as dual pistols, its pretty good. It's fairly easy to crit for 1k+ in wolf form, and I only have a lowly 68.3 wep still. I can't imagine maxing out my crit rate/crit damage and getting a nice raid wep.
    But, as mentioned before, stacking precision gives you limited amounts of HP/Defense. I still kinda like the glass cannon feel though. Keeps me on my toes.
  11. ARCHIVED-CVR Guest

    Muffin wrote:
    I'm a Nature DPS 1300 Might and 245 Precision.
    When I activate Carnage plus my supercharge combined with my 97.1 raid dual pistols I can do some beastly damage
  12. The issue with 'might' based DPS (my alt is DPS/Sorcery and I rely heavily on might - at 1400 right now) is that the Tier gear mostly takes away from might. Even some of the Tier 2. So, you have to take a hit on might with the Tiered DPS gear. Something to consider. But, if you want to maximize your damage as a Sorcery DPS, that might is precious...
  13. Well i kind of feel like this is a little strange imo.

    Here are my stats (Ice Dps)
    depending on if i take my handblasters or two handed - 1360 to 1433 might
    185- 205 precision
    this is with tank rings from when i tanked, and havent recieved raid rings, no raid facemask, and no raid necklace

    The thing about stacking yourself one way or another, is you are going to serriously hurt yourself in other categories. Be it def, power, might or prec, you are going to lose out on some to get a "big" boost in another.

    My suggestion to all dps players is to really focus on getting your t gear. You can replace one peice, or maybe two, but the hurt you get from multiple peices will not balance your gains. Yes, might is where your big numbers come from, but a good dps is going to be throwing in their own attacks a bunch to take advantage of damage buffs, and regain their own power some. Melting your power pool works in pvp, but in pve, especially raid scenarios, you are making everyones job a nightmare by playing the "mana burn" role with no attempt to restore or manage your own power.

    Those thousands of damage from one cast still dont exist if you dont have any power left to recast.

    Look for exclusive peices and compare them to T2 sets. I wear the scarecrow hat drop from ark(vil side, dont know if it drops hero side) which has me losing 35 def and around the same precision for almost 60 might more.

    I dunno, ive messed around with it for awhile, and i just dont think "glass cannon" is a good idea. People may say it makes their playtime interesting, but if the dpsers go down, and dont get a rally, then you just nixed your damage, made the fight much longer than it had to be, and i dont think your group will feel like the rest of the slog of a boss fight they have to do is all that interesting.
  14. ARCHIVED-CVR Guest

    KyGamer wrote:
    Also try to hit those combos... everytime you perform a combo it gives you way more crits than regular attacks
  15. LunchBoxChewey wrote:
    Fail. Nature DPS precision is better because of the boosts to crits... Fire DPS, just simply better in precision, their spells aren't "that" great compared to sorcery... i have a full might and a full precision fire in my league, and the full precision wins hands down, no need to worry about power, always outputting, no need for timers, etc.
  16. precision is pretty much capped with full sets of tier gear, the only real variation you get is in rings and necks. Might has stronger returns and will increase damage more than precision. You will always see more might on items than you will see precision. I see 70 might, but never 70 precision. 10 precision to equal 1 dps, and 3.5 might for 1 dps. since the powers take longer to use, you get a greater return in damage shown. IF you are able to keep combo chains going for long periods of time in your game, then precision, if you get stunned and have to restart combos often, due to content, then might will boost your damage more. I prefer precision though on rings and necks, just because my might is already pretty high from the gear for damage.
    It all depends on the rate at which you use powers vs weapons. an extra 10 precision will only add roughly 60 damage in a minute. Some builds are better for one vs the other. it takes some playing around and nobody will be right telling you one is better than the other really, they can just tell you their oppinion. damage charts are not a viable way to judge either though. too many variables. best thing is use the training dumies and watch the numbers from different things and try to figure out what works best for you.
  17. Your first goal is to max crit damage and crit chance, then as a Sorcerer you should focus on Might, then Precision.
    The reason I say Might is because we sorcerers are spell heavy aoe dps. About 60% of our dps comes from our spells.
  18. Representin wrote:
    again, the big thing is, you have to rely on power, and that's where your DPS drops, waiting on powers and casting timers... this is where precision > might... and teir armor? lol if you're going for precision OR might either way, you don't touch teir armor, it's garbage
  19. Representin wrote:
    My friend has about half t2, and the other half raid/T1, and my precision stacker has about 60 more precision. I guarantee I could have more, just haven't found the items yet. I also sacrificed 1-2 precision on a few pieces for a big boost in defense/HP.
  20. Glass howitzer here!

    My Prec is at 312 with all crit skills filled up. My Def is at about 1200 but i dont drop any faster than i did with 1900 def tbh.

    But as a gadget, i like to pick out some defense powers and the gauss grenade for a 45% DPS boost. Wrydan is always able to survive raids AND is beastly in arenas. The problem i think other "glassys" are having is the mistake of using a melee weapon or MA.. Rifle and bow are the best for the precision loadout. Pistols are pretty good but for some reason they attract aggro alot more.. i think its just the amount of hits over a short time that seem to piss off enemes lol.

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