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  1. So today during gates i guy put out 1 mill+ damage. So of course as a DPS i asked " what mods do you have and what powers do you use? " he replied " I use all precision plans " at first i was shocked because he was a fire and im nature so i wouldve thought we needed ton and tons of might but he continued to say " Every 1 precision is worth 3 might. " Now i dont know if thats true but numbers dont lie. So which is better precision or might
  2. Precision increases the amount of damage that a character's weapon attacks can inflict. Each 10 points in Precision increase base damage per second by 1.
    Might increases the amount of damage that a character's powers can inflict. Each 4 points in Might increase base damage by 1%
    Im really not sure what logic he was following
  3. There is no real confirmed basic formula like what he spouted.
    But it stands to reason, your weapons will always out damage your powers.
  4. he also said some powers are better with all precision like earth and hardlight. Idk how he did it but he killed me in DPSing. And thats no easy feat.........
  5. Terribly_Shocking wrote:
    HL can chain attacks together. Only the initial power uses might, all others that are chained together go off of precision. Earth has aftershock. The initial power uses might but the aftershock powers are all based on precision.
  6. Terribly_Shocking wrote:
    Again, claims that have no real foundation.
    Usually pushed by people who don't play any other powersets other than the one they are playing as they tell you that.
    Weapons generally do more damage than powers.
  7. I prefer to stack prec for any power set... while my aoe's suffer I usually like to build combos more to alleviate the trollers so I need to make up for damage some how.. plus it rips bosses a new one. Plus being out of power sucks when I need to BB so not always going empty and staying empty is a plus.
  8. As wannabep said weapons do more damage than powers.

    Im finding a balance between the 2 is more affective than everything in 1 anyway
  9. Dropkicksuicide wrote:
    Some of the better Deeps I know say that too.
    All evens. And I am talking guys who play "Might based powers" like Fire and Lightning AND guys who play "Precision based powers" like Hard Light and Earth.
    I am a long way off modding my Deeps.. I hope to have a good idea by then though =D
  10. Terribly_Shocking wrote:
    If he put out 1m damage, you forgot to show up with your game face on... Mods make a difference, but not THAT much. That being said, Ghettobreeze stacks might combos on yellow n blue sockets, but uses Mit Pre 4 on the reds. Combo mods give you more bang for your buck since it doesn't split the attributes in half but rather gives you 70% of each stat that you would have gained using a single type mod.
  11. Wannabep wrote:
    ya Im Earth and used to rack full prec. but im finding might to be very valuable
    so I say go wit both that way your powers hit hard and your weapons hit hard. Never depend on 1 thing to make you the best.
  12. pls can any1 confirm if 1.19 sumthng sumthng mill is the cap in GOT?..
    ive crossed the 1 mil mark 4 times now... 3 times i was at 1.19 sumthng sumthng n i though that has to be a coincidence n 1nce i was at 1.02 sumthng sumthng...
    so just out of curiosity im asking this.... is there any way to confirm this?... pls any1 whos got above 1 mil be willing to tell me their dmg out at the end of the raid?

    P.S. : im talking about a smooth run not wiping n doing it again as the numbers are bound to go up...
  13. Depends on powerset, for HL go 100% precision ( precision/precision-health/precision-power ) as it has been calculated that it gives maximum advantage. For fire our top fire damage dealer goes full might ( including crits of course. ), Mental's the same.
    I have no solid numbers regarding Fire but these what our Titan inner circle of damage dealer competitors use and we are all extremely close in damage output.
    Heres a basic comparision between how less might and more precision benefits Hard light ( and how weapon dps affects us more than anything else ), the second X should read 125.
    The numbers are damage per second for our basic combos.

  14. The numbers really depend on a lot of things. If the other dps is weak, then there's more damage for the top 2 dps. Then there's the chance that you're not putting out as much damage, so his numbers go higher.
    His mods could be based off his play style. He prolly used a melee weapon and was a heavy clipper. There are times where your precision is more effective than your might. Example: first boss. It's 1 bird at a time, and then a single boss. On the opposite note, during the 2nd boss, he was prolly using his might-based attacks since there are plenty of adds all bunched up together.
    Also, some raids work for/against your power type. Since you're nature and all might based, you probably was just spreading spores. But since there are so many adds, your damage was splitting and hurting your numbers. Learning when to spread your poison will help you out.
    But to really see what I'm talking about your spores splitting, go do prime. For the most part you have 3 adds and a boss, so your poison won't hold you back. While your poison is out, do as much damage as you can with your weapon.
    Hope it helps :D
  15. J-Dawg wrote:
    You forgot the part where the might increases to .45% per point at level 30.
  16. I'm kinda struggling with this issue myself. My League Fire and Electric toons almost ALWAYS shell out 900,000-1mil damage. In comparison, as Sorcery DPS, I usually only get about 500,000... and that's depressing at full T4 & Might4 Mods (1987 base might, have FoS DPS trinket, 84 SP). Only style I can think of to try that I haven't is Transmuting, and need someone dedicated to encasing to do that.
  17. Nite83 wrote:
    oh you are right. I didn't copy and paste the full amount.
  18. Example of 125 DPS Prime Weapon + 650 Precision:
    • 650 Precision = +65 DPS
    • 125+65 = 190 Damage Per Second
    • 50% Modifier = 285 Damage Per Second
    • 285 DPS = 17,100 Damage Per Minute = 1,026,000 Damage Per Hour
    • Even Higher with Criticals
    Using a High Damage Modifer and uninterrupted Weapons Combos helps.
  19. My main is a Hard Light Troll and he has 434 PREC & 1032 MIGHT. I'm usually under the 3rd DPS or above in Damage.
    But any power is versatile in the hands of an experienced player who knows his power rotation and how to Clip. Also
    I would recommend you invest in both MIGHT & PRECISION because Might increases the damage of your powers and weapon attacks, though the ingame definition doesn't explain this. More might means more damage through the formula described in the ingame definition, so it's a good idea to have this high as well. Precision increases your damage per second (DPS) by 1 for every 10 points of precision per weapon attack. Since weapons are a good 75% of all damage, this is by far the most important stat.

    A balance of both stats is ideal. EXP: A Brawler with 1400 Might and 130 Precision will deal more DPS than a Brawler with 900 Might and 170 Precision. Experiment with the balance between the two.
  20. KingPryde wrote:
    This does not apply to HL damage dealers.

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