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  1. I have 2 questions for the premium membership that i would like to adress.

    1. I am looking forward to buying the New Flash DLC. Will buying this DLC count towards the upgrade to premium thing?.

    2. Also, If i do upgrade to premium on 1 ps3 account will i have to pay an additonal 5$ for my son's PSN account? Or will we both be upgraded through 1 purchase?
  2. I can answer only the first question will certainty.
    Yes purchasing any DLC, provided it is more than 5 dollars, will get you a premium membership. I downloaded the game free, then purchased the Fight fo Light DLC and got boosted to premium.
    With regards to your second question I am not sure, but I think DLC and membership status is account specific. So I thnk you will have to buy the DLC again for your son to be a premium member. I could be wrong, but from what I've read, most purchases only work on a single account.
    Hope this helps.
  3. buying the flash dlc will put YOUR account to priuem...however yours sons account will not be assumeing that he is on a different psn online id...however if i misunderstood what you said and what you meant to say is that your sons characters are on your account then the WHOLE ACCOUNT would be upgraded to prieum...
  4. BigBadDogIV wrote:
    Essentially all the account upgrades are account specific. Meaning it applies to all characters on one account. If you really want a way around this for two separate accounts, might I suggest waiting for the Flash stuff to drop and then giving your account and your son's account Legendary status for a month?
    When Legendary status ends, you're still in the premium bracket. And as long as you've placed all characters using DLC powers (Hard Light, Lightning. etc.) within the first 6 character slots on each account, they're yours to keep!
  5. DrinkySmurf wrote:
    m8... and how long does the membership ends? 1 month?
  6. But be aware that when your legendary access expires, you will be able to keep characters exclusive to that content, but you wont be able to access DLC specific areas, duos, alerts and raids. Legendary membership is $15 a month and if you ever spend more than $5 the account where you paid this will be premium for lifetime.
  7. The only things a 1 Month membership is good for is creating a League, in which you are basically spending $15 for the right to create a League. Why? You can survive with a $2k limit and everything in terms of gear can be found or attained through hard work and luck. Mostly everything on the Broker is heavily overpriced and generally of poorer quality than what you can attain with Marks, etc.
  8. Yeah for the fact I get to test out Flash DLC before my legendary sub ends...than ill decide if I just buy it flat out...screw renewing the membership, lol.

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