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Discussion in 'Account Related Support' started by ARCHIVED-Maraketh91, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Are there specific DCUO cards out there I have to buy or can I use a regular pre-paid card?

    I looked around for DCUO cards but didn't find any.
  2. would like to know aswell..Are there gamecards for this game and if so are they dcuo specific or for every SOE game?
  3. Also, does the Everquest 2 SOE 90 Day Pre-paid Game Time Card work with DCUO?
    I've heard the 30 Day card does, I just wanna be sure.
    Does it also give you the 30 days free? Or does that only work with a creditcard?
  4. Chyrill wrote:
    I have no specific knowledge about which game cards work, but you WILL get your free 30 days when you use a game card.

    Unlike a credit card that give you 30 days free to start with the option to cancel before being charged, the 30 day GC will give you 60 days since it is consumed immediately.

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