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Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-Bulls, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I open this thread because a moderator closed the other one...

    So, i did a little research, and in Argentina i can obtain a Visa or mastercard prepaid card...but i have some doubts about it... for example, this kind fo cards require personal information ? i hope yes, because the other way, when SoE asks for Credit card owner adress, etc, i couldnt fill that space... im sking this because i read that other card ( giftcard ) doesnt require anything, and, because of that, those cant be used to make internet purchases...

    So, anyone can confirm me that using a MasterCard prepaid card, im going to be ableto buy stuff from SoE, plz !
  2. SoE should admit PaySafeCard and that kind of stuff, so people without Credit Card or Paypal could buy stuff
  3. Easiest way to have a thread closed down is to repost one that was closed. At that, this is not the correct section to be asking this question. I would request this to be moved to the account/billing section so those folks there can address this. If anything, there is also the number directly to them to speak with them on the phone too.
  4. yeah, but he closed an usefull topic for me, so i had to re-open ( besides, the mod clsoed a topic that was not specific of what im asking in this one )
  5. Either way, you should use the report feature on the this thread to have it moved to the account/billing section so the correct people see this and can answer your question. Being in the Gotham section of the forums, this topic will go un-noticed by the correct people and get lost among the other threads of the general topics.
  6. ok, did it :3
  7. Best of luck to you. Hope you get the answer you need. :)

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