ps3 and pc accounts

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-merovingean, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. im playin on my ps3 and i want to know if i got the game for pc would i be able to play my current toon?
  2. well crap........they better come up with some sort of fix for chat then cuz that is really killin the ps3 version.
  3. Why is it killing the ps3 version? They sold far more PS3 copies than PC copies. The game plays better on the PS3 version too.

    Though I do think youre onto something. It would be nice if you could log onto your characters wether on PC or PS3. I imagine that this might have been possible if servers were cross platform like they once considered...... However, the inherit differences between ps3 and pc gaming didnt make for fair or balanced game play (especialy in pvp), so this may be why we dont have xplatform play now and why we may never see this feature............. at least not in the imediate future.
  4. i say it hurts the ps3 because chat is important to mmo's. if you've played other mmo's for pc's you know the chat feature for the ps3 version of the game just doesnt work.
  5. Ahh I understand what you mean now. Yeah the chat needs an overhall. Considering the amount of complaints about it posted everywhere Im sure theyre aware of the issue.

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