ps3 hacks and DCUO

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  1. I was just reading an article about the ps3's main encryption being hacked and can now be used by anybody to do anything from pirating games, to messing around with psn. Also in that article it talked about how it is already plaguing games' multiplayer such as in the call of duty series and that people are unlocking trophies without actually completing them.

    So my question is for anyone who might be able to offer up an answer, what does this mean for dcuo? Will we start seeing people cheat on here using this and potentially ruining the game?
  2. this is an mmo and there is no place for cheating here unlike cod and other games. hopefully soe are using a gamegaurd of some sort to deal with these hackers and ban them for life on the spot.
  3. baning them doesnt do nothing all they have to do is steal another account or buy one lol jut got to black list em
  4. hackers and cheaters have and will always exist in mmos, its an ongoing war to deal with them and i expect DCUO will have its fair share. That said its a much more diffcult task to cheat on the PS3, then it is the PC i think we will see less of it.
  5. Hatamaz wrote:
    Hacking the PS3 makes it no different than using a PC. You can install custom firmware that lets you download/install programs like a PC. This doesn't plague the game. If it gets too bad, they can just blacklist whatever PS3 is logging on and using exploits.
  6. I'm not entirely too concerned about the game being hacked on the PS3. From what I can see, there doesn't exist a drive in order to cheat in the game, at least not right now. The small group of people who would potentially alter the game to their advantage would probably get bored/lose interest rather quickly.

    World of Warcraft, as well as other big MMORPG's are a diffrent story. A majority of their hacks exist around the development of in-game currency, which can be than turned around for profit with real life currency. Of course, this isn't always the case, and any other changes to the game files outside of that are normally done by people who don't have a negative influence set in mind. To give an example, instance swapping, mpq modifying, hex modifying; those things are harmless to other players, and only make changes on the client side.
  7. so all they have to do is buy another ps3 and sell the one blocked on ebay
  8. If you are going to avoid games because they can be hacked or cheated then you're never going to play any online game. The PS3 isn't PC or 360's much more difficult to hack and Sony actually works hard to keep up with cracks. Sure you can get homebrew and other crap that's illegal and unsafe for your PS3 if you want but much of it doesn't work if you have the latest PS3 firmware and the few that may work won't as soon as the next patch releases.
    I don't worry about this sort of thing and I doon't think anyone should lay awake at night worrying about it. It happens and not much you can do about it. But I try to just stay relaxed about it by knowing that Sony has people working equally as hard to stop the cracks as idiots with too much free time spend trying to make them.
  9. lol if soe do the right thing and just block any ps3 hacking than we wont see any of it anymore. i mean who would buy another ps3 wich would cost more than the 1 you were selling. theres not even people bothered to go through that process of buying and selling ps3 consoles. also lets not forget that soe are the creaters of psn so they could even ban the account if they wanted to.
  10. Hatamaz wrote:
    People will perform the forum/youtube equivilant to "lynch mobs" on these people, and I don't know if you're new to MMO's but there is a thing called a GM. GM's are the sheriff's of the game, they can investigate sketchy stuff.
    What you're talking about can possibly be achieved, but I wouldn't worry about it. Those people are risking their PSN accounts, etc. being tied to their real names and CC info. They'll just get banned. Also, lets cross that bridge when we get there!!

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