Psycho style?

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-AshInferno, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Been farming the psycho style in the t1 alerts, but since gu18, I haven't seen anything drop in arkham, which as you all know is a t3 now. Has anyone seen the psycho style head drop there since gu18? It used to drop from Poison Ivy.
  2. My guess is that psycho styles have been moved around to the current T1 alerts only, Ace Chemicals, Area 51, Smallville and HoD Armory/ Watchtower. Stryker's and Arkham (Now T3 Alerts) are dropping styles that used to be exclusive to certain roles. Same thing has happened to the FFTL styles that used to drop in Oan, Star labs, and Coast City. I think those styles have been spread between Star Labs and Oan only now. Try running Ace, A51,Smallville and Armory/Watchtower frequently to see the changed the location of the psycho styles. If they are not dropping off those alerts then they have really messed up the loot tables.
  3. I think the styles are still found in their proper tiers. I recently went to a healer class to do the styles and have been having trouble finding Seraph in the alerts
    I have only found two pieces so far and they were both off one boss. So I really hope they didn't just take all the styles and jam them into one boss.
    It seems to be the case though. Seems like most the drops are garbage jewlery or weapons.

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