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  1. Hello All!
    Long time player of DCUO, first time poster. Im hoping someone can help me with this. Im trying to find out how to complete briefings for punchline Episode 2 and 4. I actually already know about the following website and use it quite a bit for finding both briefings and investigations:

    I checked the forum archive and found a similar topic:

    My issue is that the website seems to mostly be geared toward being a villian to complete this investigation. I am a Meta-Hero and I saw at the bottom some people commented that this can be done regardless of Origin and if Hero/Villan. I go to the spot that is shown for T.O.morrows instance doesnt appear on in front of the building shown. Does this appear in a different part of Gotham if im a Meta-Hero?
    Any help you could give is appreciated
  2. im pretty you need a tech-hero to let you in now
  3. the way i understand it is if you need a brief or investigation in an area that is only open to heroes or villains...that brief or investigation will still be available to you only in a different spot you can get to.

    consult dcuolife...they have a great list.
  4. if its a briefing for a villian and some are in an instance, for a hero they will be outside of that instance. as for the ones at t.o. morrow, you need a batman mentored person to group with and go in the instance together. you can also collect investigations and get school of hard knocks feats among others by doing this. find some people with wonder woman and batman mentors and youll be able to get alot more briefings, investigations, and feats by doing their instances that arent available to you! happy hunting!
  5. You need a tech hero to let you into the instances you need to get the briefings from.
  6. Thanks for the help everyone!! I just joined a league so hopefully I can work out with some people to help me with these.

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