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  1. I'm looking for some styles:
    - something that looks like soldier's helmet
    - something that looks like devil horns ( I know there is a style like that in hall of doom magic wing but the problem is it's with a helmet, I would like to have just the horns )

    Thanks in advance ;)
  2. Devil horns you can get the Avatar of Sin style by finishing all of the Sins of the Father briefing sets. Once they're all complete, you'll get e-mailed the horns style.
    Check out
  3. Surprisingly there is a lack of "helmet" styles, at least what we in the real world call helmets. I can only think of a few and they are "New Genesis" style, "Felix Faust" Helmet, and "STAR Labs Helmet" style. There's also the "Paramilitary" style Beret and plenty of futuristic type helmets like the SCU Helmet.
    New Genesis I think is from the vault

    Felix "Faust" style drops from him in the lvl30 challenge.
    STAR Labs Security Helmet from the briefings collection

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