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  1. Hi everyone,

    My son and I are both big DC fans and looking forward to DCUO. I plan on upgrading to Premium via the DLC, but first I have a question. My PSN account is the main account on my console and my son's PSN account is parented to mine. So if I purchase the DLC through my account, (a) does he have access to the DLC?, and (b) is he a Premium member as well?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! ^_^
  2. I'm a relative noob here (only showed up since F2P started), so I don't know...
    But my guess would be "probably not."
    I'll hope otherwise for your sake though.
  3. I dont think dcuo dlc's are the same as other games dlc's. I'm certain they are bound to the account that purchased it.
  4. I mean honestly if you and your son both use the same ps3 why not just make a toon for him on your account? It will save you an extra 30+gb on your hdd.
  5. Worth mentioning, my girlfriend and I play the game on one downloaded copy of the game.
    You don't need all the data installed, but you'll probably need to have the DLC unlocked on both accounts if you want it to be used on both.
    Worth mentioning in support of DubEDoLLarS though - even on free to play, you have 2 character slots, so you can both try the game out before needing to buy the DLC.
  6. Even though all DLC's are tied to an acount the game client will be on all acompanied PSN accounts. The DLC's are tied to the acount you buy it for, you would also have to buy the DLC on your sons PSN acount.
  7. DubEDoLLarS wrote:
    17 GB and if you downloaded it once then you don't need to download it again for another account. Every game is shareable between PS3 accounts unless it is restricted. DCUO is not restricted at all.
  8. Someone prolly already answered, but...
    NO. If I were you I would spend the $10 for the DLC on your main account then when the next DLC comes out buy it on the other. Then you can let your son create a character on your account and vice versa. Honestly just starting out on this game 6 characters(toons) is more than enough.
  9. Nah, each account has to purchase a 'license key' -- the content is already installed on your system since every client has to be running on the same 'version' of DCUO. Means each account on your PS3 will need to purchase it separately. :(
  10. DubEDoLLarS wrote:
    This point is null, you can login to any psn account on the game when its installed.
  11. I started this game in January as a huge DC Comics fan but a total noob to the world of MMOs. I am a Legendary subscriber & plan being here until they pull the plug & close the worlds for good, this is game is uber addictive. My suggestion is start with F2P & hold off on buying the DLC since it will give you both a character & an easy way to judge your interest in the game. If you like the game(& I am almost 100% sure you will) I highly recommend going with a subscription. The DLC will be free & once you hit 30 the real value of the perks kick in big time. But I would be wrong not to say that this game currently has some issues since the F2P launch. If you browse the threads you can get a general overview of what those are & how bad they are currently. Do not let this put you off the game though because prior to F2P both server stability and the ability to play the game were at an all time high IMHO. The devs are working hard to correct the problems & I think better days are just around the corner.
    PS: WELCOME TO THE GAME!!!!!! +1
  12. MaddMudd wrote:
    It's only 2 characters unless son's account spends at least $5. Dad will have 6/16 based on his own plan.
  13. TurbojugendLA wrote:
    No, as the game is directly linked to YOUR Playstation Network Account. He will not have access to the DLC nor Premium membership. A cheap option, if he doesnt need/want the DLC right now, is to just but some styles for his characters like wings, masks/helmets, etc to get to $5. This was you spend $15 instead of $20.
  14. VeshWolfe wrote:
    I'm not sure about that. He said that he has a parent account. so that means his son can't spend money on his account till he becomes 18( the system tracks it). So there might be a chance but when the game originally came out, i remember not being able to set up my kid brothers account because the game only ran on a main account due to the parented account cant spend money
  15. VeshWolfe wrote:
    Forget styles, buy Inventory Slots. That will help much more.

    How do I add funds to a PlayStation®Network Sub Account?
    The PlayStation®Network offers many parental controls (see Parental controls on the PlayStation® Network for details), including one that sets the monthly spending limit for PlayStation®Network Sub Accounts. All funds for PlayStation®Network Sub Accounts are managed by the associated Master Account. To add funds to a Sub Account, you will need to do so through the Master Account.
  16. DubEDoLLarS wrote:
    Because they won't be able to play with each other.
  17. Without another PS3, they won't be able to play with each other. It sounds like he's trying to save $5-10, not spend $250.

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