Rescinding the clowns...

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  1. I literally spend hours looking for this side and cant find it anywhere...can anybody for the love of god tell me where its located?
  2. I'm just cracking up about your thread title. Very clever!
  3. Sanghad wrote:
    It's the name of a side quest.

    Slider - Sorry, I completed this mission quite a while ago. So I don't quite remember how I picked it up. If it's what I'm thinking about it requires you to smash the clown vans. So look on those areas. I think there are only two mission areas with clown vans. Actually, the mission might be picked up between the two areas where they have vans. The one where they have the tornado-bots from TO Morrow and the section right before it. I think it was a cop standing next to a cop car.
  4. EvolvedApe wrote:
    I hovered around that area for a good part of the day and found no quest giver ...but I do really appreciate your response as it only helps to quell the insanity thats in boiling throught my mind...thx
  5. Slider wrote:
    You're welcome. And just be careful. You might be mission the mission because of pop in. Sometimes not all the people/objects appear right away.
    I'm really careful about getting side missions and I actually got two the other day I had missed earlier and I knew I had been in the area. The people to get them from just weren't there. One was a level 5 mission and the other was the two people standing in front of a portal for the Aquaman mission.
    Just keep looking and you'll find it eventually.
  6. I need this mission. Does anyone know exactly where I can pick it up?
  7. i think this one is broken as well since the last patch. i have done this and no credit for it on feats. there are a couple other feats that got messed up as well.
  8. Representin wrote:
    Do you know the location of the mission and/or who I talk to in order to receive it? I'm thinking it is around the Clayface area but I can't find anything so far.
  9. can not remember exactly where i had gotten it, i just know i did it.
  10. Is this fixed yet?
  11. I dont think of March 6th anyways. I found the quest giver and he spoke as if I had completed the this the only bugged quest?
  12. roach5000 wrote:
    I am pretty sure this mission and "Potion 9.1" are bugged. I remember seeing this mission before, maybe I completed it or maybe I avoided because of those damn Wag characters. But I cannot find it either. The Potion mission seems to be bugged as well.I am 90% certain I completed it but it shows as if I have not in my Feats log. When I try to speak to the (I assume) contact for this mission, I get nothin.
  13. cause i need Aversion Therapy and One of Us along with Rescinding the clowns to be done...I dont know where the other two are
  14. I should be doing this side mission as we speak, but am unable to find/access it. I'm standing in front of the Hero contact 'Sergeant Tarkanean' who is just North of one of the races in Otisburg (just before the Joker's group of henchman who are close to the waters edge). When I try to speak to him he replies,
    'Not bad. Those vans blew up good, eh? Now beat it so I can call this in and take credi... Uh... I mean file a report. Yeah, that's it'
    This indicates that he is the right contact, but a bug in the new patch it causing him to act as if you have already completed the side quest when you have not. At least that is the only way I can think to rationalise it.
  15. I hope this is fixed with the next patch so I can gets my skill points!
  16. Hopping online now to go look for it if anyone wants to group up. I'm on the relentless server
  17. To the OP.
    Do you have any alts? I found all the quests I was missing by logging on lower level alts and finding them on the characters that would be of the level to get them.
    I did finish all of the Contact feats this way, plus you get the 250 missions feat when completing them.
  18. Does anyone know where this mission is located? Gotham I'm sure, which district?
  19. This one is indeed bugged. It is given out by an NPC officer standing next to his squad car. The mission asks for you to blow up joker vans. This is in the same area the first Riddler clue. The vans there are the ones that need to be blown up. The contact for it is just off to the side. If you are at the one end of this area where the water is and facing back towards the street, the street curves. The officer is standing just on the other side of that curve. I can not recall the exact location or district off the top of my head but this is the area to where you can find him. GL
  20. im still looking for this quest! I cant find the quest giver. can you guys please make an specific location. :)

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