Restore your PS3 file system and database / helps maintain ps3 stability

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  1. For those that don't know, the PS3 has an operating system capable of restoring damage to the hard drive's file system/database - these can get damaged when the ps3 is shut off completely (pulled the plug while playing/power outage), when a game crashes (DCUO, Final Fantasy 14.508383, Bethesda games, etc), or when the system hangs when trying to do something and you soft reset. (stuck in the ps3s underwhelming web browser, etc).
    By restoring you can get your hard drive to start loading games more smoothly, which results in less freezing, faster data retrieval (think defragging), and can also speed up the time it takes to sync trophies (yeah, if it's taking you more than 2 minutes to sync trophies your HDD is in need of this maintenance).

    What to do:
    Turn off PS3 so the red light is on.
    Hold and keep holding the power button. The console will turn on, and eventually turn off again.
    Once off, with the red light on again, press and hold the power button. You will hear one beep, another single beep after that, and then two beeps in a row. After the two beeps, let go of the power button so it doesn't turn off again and you'll end up in the system recovery menu. From here there are a few options. Now this is important, DO NOT CLICK ON 'RESTORE PS3'. That will wipe the HDD clean. You don't want that. :O
    What you want is the other two options, 'restore ps3 database', takes about 5 minutes, and 'restore ps3 file system' (your bootup code, restoring is almost instant).
    These two options will not delete any content on your HDD, but it will nuke any music playlists you have, and if you edited track information on any mp3s, say you renamed them all to something less ambigous than "track 01", the names and other altered data will revert. (srsly, get a keyboard)

    Do this and you'll notice a significant improvement on your performance in proportion to how much you use the machine. Keep in mind that any hard drive intensive game like DCUO, Socom Confrontation, PSN downloads, etc will make a mess of your hard drive over time, so restoring the database at least will tidy it up and reorganize files to faster access. If you have a 300gb hard drive and your drive is almost maxed out you're probably going to want to do this twice a month.

    Hope it helps - finally synced my trophy data in just under 2 minutes. Happy camper.
  2. Yep! I've said this for years! There are always plenty of people who argue with me that this doesn't help but then those people are usually the ones having troubles with the games and refusing to try it. All the while I'm usually playing the same games they are and having little to no trouble.
  3. I think maybe people don't understand that the PS3 is just a computer really. When your computer gets bogged down and acts up what do you do? You clean the disk, empty your cache and defragment...why would the PS3 be any different?
    Like I said...I just keep on playing these games with little to no problems and the people arguing with me about doing these maintenance procedures keep on complaining how many issues they are having and arguing with me that it doesn't help. I ask....why would Sony have made these things available if they did nothing to help the PS3 performance?
  4. Running these two diagnostic and recovery programs shouldn't take more than 6 minutes tops, and that's pretty much the database rebuild. The file system rebuild is instantaneous. Unfortunately the PS3 will still run with a corrupt boot code, and it'll only tell you it's corrupt when it's really damaged, or when you try to restore the file system, it checks, and responds with "your file system is corrupt. restoring..."
  5. I just did exactly what u said and now my system wont load my trophies at all. Also my friends list avatars are all grey smiling faces (it wont load up proper pic) and profiles including my own are also inaccesable. it keeps saying communication with server has timed out (80710092). i cannot message or interact with friends list at all. Even when i go to the store it takes for ever for things to load up. i cant sync trophies or my own profile past 2%.
  6. PWVNJ wrote:
    You might have to use the system update option?
  7. PWVNJ wrote:
    PSN has been hammered for at least a week, on and off. As in, earlier it timed out trying to log me into PSN. If PSN is having issues, your trophy syncs, friends and anything that needs online access is going to suffer...for awhile at least. The OP gives completely righteous suggestions and the only reason you're having issues is because PSN is having issues.
  8. Correction it's
    3. Restore File System
    4. Rebuild Database
  9. *reads original post*
    *proceeds to follow instructions*
    Seriously, though. I tried this with restoring my PS3 to factory settings. Couldn't use my PS3 for two days. If this really does work, I'm totally gonna do it.
  10. The OP is flat out WRONG and misinformed. What he is saying to do only copies the system files from the hard drive to the PS3s flash based boot drive. The PS3 boots from a flash drive NOT the hard drive and if this data on the flash boot becomes corrupted, which it very very rarely does, some issues like a non functioning blu-ray can be repaired by replacing the system files on the flash with the backup ones on the HD. All the OPs instructons do is copy system files to the flash from the HD. It has nothing al all to do with maintenance on the files systm or defragging the drive.
    The PS3 does not use FAT or any other windows style FS and manages its on allocation and FS on the fly. It does not need file maintenance outside of its operation procedures.
    Don't do this, its a waste of time.
    Please also note that "I did this and my PS3 is faster..." stories are not evidence for anything. And if people say this helped them they are the people Jack Ryder is talking to.
  11. I have one that says rebuild database. Is that the one you are refering too?
  12. I followed your instructions, I am not sure how well considering I had to download dcuo all over again. But I don't care, as soon as it was done downloading and I was able to play I have never seen this game run this smoothly for me. Loading screens didn't seem any faster, but moving around the game was not as laggy as it used to be just before doing this. So at least thats a positive thing.
  13. So if I do this I got download DC all over again?
  14. The PS3 uses FAT 32 - lets say you have an external HDD - you need to format it in FAT 32 before it will work with the PS3 by the way -
    The only thing you can do if a game is giving you problems is delete the GAME DATA FILE and reinstall it , NOTE: not your save file....
    Also if you delete that file you will have to update it again, but most of the time it realy helps with certain issues...
    The constant freezing in DCUO is not because of the PS3 or the data involved - its because of the INTERNET and the poor design of the developers ---
    lets face the rushed it so they can start earning money - wich isnt bad lets just hope they actualy keep trying to improve the game ..
  15. Kotton wrote:
    No. No it doesn't. The ps3 requires an external drive to be FAT32 just to store the backup data, unrelated in every way to the PS3 OS. The PS3 does not use FAT32. Also it doesn't use FAT 32 or for that matter use FAT 32. on top of that it doesn't use FAT32.
  16. Rhadamanthus wrote:
    Rhadamanthus is right the ps3 can READ fat32 but the file system of the internal PS3 harddrive is encrypted (256-bit AES-CBC encryption), and GameOS formats it to the proprietary Cell File System (CFS), which is very similar to UFS2 (with Sony's added encryption layer). The instruction in the post actually do nothing for your game play, its a placebo effect. Your expecting it to do something so you perceive that it is.
  17. Nebulous wrote:
    I totally agree on the "placebo effect" statement in terms of the Recovery console actually affecting performance. Although it's definitly useful to have these options when dealing with actual corrupt OS/File issues. It IS called the Recovery console for a reason.
    Descriptions for the PS3 Recovery Console options can be found here:
    Here are a few noteworthy ones:
    Restore File System
    This will rewrite the files the PS3 uses to boot. This feature will help if files have become corrupted and are not allowing the console to boot as normal. This should not erase any of your saved data or settings.
    Note that the Restore File System option really only affects the PS3's OS boot files.
    Rebuild Database
    This can be a usefull feature if you have lost files on your system for no apparent reason. Try using this feature to see if it can restore those files. This will also rewrite corrupted files within the database, potentially eliminating future issues. This feature should not erase any of your saved data or settings.
    Although it says that it should not erase any of your saved data or settings, it still can.
    I haven't lost any of my PS3 disc-based game saved files yet, but it has wiped most of my PS3 mini game saved files (ran Rebuild Database 3x during the lifespan of my PS3 and it happened all 3 times). Reguardless, still a good idea to back up your save files before attempting any of these Recovery options.
    Don't get me wrong, these Recovery options are nice to have, but I don't think they're meant to improve performance, but instead to fix corrupt OS/File issues.
  18. what a hazardous way im risking this anyway dcuo is the only thing on my ps3 haha
  19. Hatamaz wrote:
    I need to point this out right now that both of these methods DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT delete, remove, modify, or otherwise corrupt any Game Data or Saved Data files on the PS3. I have plenty of PS Mini's and my save files are still in tact. My DCUO Game Data has not changed, nor does it require a complete re-install. In fact, when using this method, you will see a slight improvement in the latency of the HDD when loading up Blu-Ray games, as well as PSN games. I have tested this latency by first launching a lot of offline HDD-heavy games (Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, Black Ops, Uncharted 2, Crysis 2) then launching heavy Network traffic games (Socom Confrontation, DC Universe Online, Socom 4 Beta) as well as many different PS Mini's, PSN Games before doing the Restore Database and Restore File System.
    There is a latency difference between the game's and how fast they launch and how fast they respond to certain interactions when you do this, especially with DCUO. Even though this may not have an affect to your PS3 freezing when playing DCUO, this does change how fast the BD Laser reads the BD when you do these methods.

    This can be confirmed, and when I put my PS3 through another stress test, I will document this method to prove the latency times between games and the slight differences that this can have (an improvement). If you feel enclined to disagree with me, then please wait for the documentation as I will bring this topic back up at a later date.

    Thank you
  20. The Following Method Is Not Guaranteed To Work For Those Who Have Been Experience Lag/Freeze Up Issues On
    SOE DC Universe Online

    However People Have Reported Overall Improvement Playing DCUO Using This Method

    PS3 System Reboot Tool Fix Trick To Get Your PS3 Running Smoother & Cleaner

    1. Power The System On Then Turn It Off Like You Normally Would Do

    2. Red Light Will Be On Like Usual
    Now Press & Hold The Power Button Down On The System Itself Until It Turn On & Off

    3. Red Light Again
    Now This Time Hold The Power Button Down Once More
    But... Wait For 1 Beep Sound Green Light Flash
    Follow By 2 More Beep Sounds 2 Green Lights Flash
    Right Away Release Your Finger From The Power Button

    4. Press The Middle PS Button On The Controller To Turn It On "USB Charge Cord Needed"
    As Prompted On The TV Screen
    You May Also See A Display Asking About Your HD Settings Select Yes & Move On


    Choices 3. Restore File System & 4. Rebuild Database

    Are The Ones You Want First Go With 3. Restore File System

    "You Will Need To Repeat Steps 1-4 Once Again"

    Now This Time Around Choose 4. Rebuild Database

    That Should Do It!
    You Will Notice Your Trophy Data Loads Up Faster Now That's A Sign It Worked!

    As Always Pay Intention & Follow The On Screen Instructions

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