Robocop powers please.

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-MetaMax75, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. For serious. Some sort of cyborg power tree, please. Would prefer it was called the Robocop tree if possible.
    Computer assissted targeting
    Data Spike
    Directive 4
    Beretta 93R (heavily modified)
    Internal gun holster with animation
    Amazing Robocop Rap
    Ability to go up or down stairs.
  2. I don't know, I've been to Detroit.
    And I don't really see what he's done to deserve this. It's a dump.
  3. Robocop DC? Cause if you want cyborg powers....we could have CYBORG powers....
  4. seeing how DC does not own "Robocop" I doubt this will happen. I do like your idea though

    holy crap frank Miller was in Robocop 2!!!!!
  5. CaptainBattle wrote:
    Robocop hasn't happened yet - it's in the future.
  6. Good point, my bad.
  7. Hulksmashed wrote:
    Robocop was way cooler then Cyborg.

    Unless it's the Jean Claude Van Damm Cyborg, which was made of pure awesome.

  8. MetaMax75 wrote:
    no no no its in the 80's brah lol
  9. MetaMax75 wrote:
    This is great! ED-209 could not do this. +1 for cyborg powers
  10. I_Lantern wrote:
    What year is robocop set in?

    In the 1988 novelization of the movie, a clue is given as follows: a news report states that Sylvester Stallone has died after a failed head transplant at the age of ninety-seven, but his latest movie "Rambo - the Old Blood" will be released soon. This would place the year Robocop is set in as 2043 or 2044 (actually, it makes sense given the technological level seen in the film (half-human cyborgs, ect.)
  11. MetaMax75 wrote:
    you read a Robocop novel based on the movie?Without pictures?Why????? lol
  12. I_Lantern wrote:
    Nope, I googled 'What year is Robocop set'. Google be praised. Crom be praised. Directive 4.
  13. CaptainBattle wrote:
    You must have been in old Detroit and not Delta City.
  14. firmethon wrote:
    That's not really the point. The hulk is cooler then cyborg too....but he'll never make it into the game. Know what I mean?
  15. Mel Ferar is George Clooney's cousin......
  16. I_Lantern wrote:
    Now that the Robocop remake at MGM is dead - WB could easily swoop in and purchase the rights.
    Directive 1 purchase Robocop rights from MGM (and the rights for the Amazing Robocop Rap)
    Directive 2 develop and design Robocop Powers for DCUO
    Directive 3 implement in game before the end of the first quarter of 2012
    Directive 4 classified
  17. Hulksmashed wrote:
    Tell that to the 100+ variations of xXHULKSMASHXx running around in DCUO with purple necromancer pants and a green large body type with feral personality.
  18. I will only watch a Robocop remake if they include a Nuke Em commercial in it!
  19. I_Lantern wrote:
    They should stop remaking good movies and start remaking the bad ones.

    Suggestions for remakes using this criteria:
    1. Predator 2
    2. Hudson Hawk
    3. Speed 2 Cruise Contriol
    4. Alien 4 Resurrection
    5. Major League 2
    6. Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
    7. Maximum Overdrive
    8. The Godfather Part III
    9. Raw Deal
  20. MetaMax75 wrote:
    how could anyone vote this thread down? its OMGROFL

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