rune carver????????

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  1. Rune carvers are now cannot trade cannot sell but yet you can still purchase from the AH if they were listed. Is this intended as I dont see anything about it in the patch notes
  2. Well as much as they cost I am sure it is intended . You have to earn em. Not have someone buy em for you now I suppose. Now fi only those plans were more available
  3. what is the rune carver for anyway?
  4. PsychoSorcerer wrote:
    Carvin' runes.
  5. PsychoSorcerer wrote:
    The new plans for crafting armor that you get from running the 8-person operations.

    Need 1 rune carver, 1 fabric, some simples and complexes... shake it all up, and voila... craptastic 4.00001 armor!
  6. I am INFURIATED. This change is NO WHERE in the two announcements I just read. I bought a rune carver on my level 16 bank character that I use to store exos and sell stuff on the AH just now and went to put it in my shared bank only to found out I can't put it in there now. This change needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY. That's 30mil down the drain. Where was the warning of this irresponsible and unwanted change?
  7. Hellotooblivion wrote:
    So it was trade-able but now it's not? News to me.
  8. thx for the answer i just got back on today and haven't played the last update or the dlc yet.
  9. Hellotooblivion wrote:
    thats what the triangle button is for upon purchase
  10. Yeah Im kinda disappointed with this change too...

    I already modded my chest and waist using runes I bought from the auction house... saved me 60 marks of war

    Important savings to me as I go after the last 2 T4 sets
  11. ForsakenR wrote:
    So tell me, every time you buy anything from the auction house you check it first? Exos? What if they suddenly made a change where all exos couldn't be traded? Why would I check this if I already bought two of them the other day and traded them over? This came without warning so I had NO REASON to suspect a change.
  12. its to protect the economy from you fat cats
    inreality it would of given the poor a chance to make some money..but then the wont sell as many r&d scanners if you can buy tour exos like the fat cats
  13. irmensul wrote:
    I was selling those things for 15mill a pop. I had no use for them and needed to do something with my marks

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