Sector Incendiary full style (pics inside + concept art)

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  1. Finally finished my Sector Incendiary (DPS Fight For The Light style) set today, thought I'd take a pic for the masses so you know what it looks like and where to find them!


    Oan Sciencells
    Evil Star: Legs
    Vice: Chest
    Krona: Hands

    STAR Labs Research Facility
    Scion of Will: Shoulders
    Parallax: Feet

    Coast City
    Amon Sur: Head
    Kyle Rayner: Waist
    The Lanterns: Back

    As a little bonus, here is concept art from when the devs planned on making Sinestro a mentor. It was initially meant to be his T2 set and was called "Sinestro's Might." Happy hunting!

  2. Well done man, especially the concept art. You're a credit to the community.
  3. Now see, this is one of the things that really irk me. That Sector Incendiary set is one of the coolest styles I've seen in this game, and shows what the designers are capable of, and yet they offer the ugliest trash for T3. Go figure. One players commented, "Well, that's what crystalline armor would look like". ...Nu-uh. I've drawn much better crystalline gear than the T3 stuff on my worst day, and I'm willing to bet that many others could as well. If you look the earlier styles, and then compare those to some of the Tier sets, it actually looks like the armor is getting worse with each step.
    Well, if we're lucky, maybe someday they'll use that Sinestro gear as a higher Tier armor for the hard-light characters. I'd actually start playing one of those for a shot at that style. (not shooting down hard-light toons, I just figure there's probably going to be a surplus of those for a while.)
  4. That...looks...pretty good.
    Piece by piece I was hating the look but all together makes a lot more sense.
    + 1 and gratz
  5. Nice! Thanks for the screens!
  6. Cool beans brother! Nice post +100
  7. Wow that is great looking. Wonder what the full Sector Agent set looks like.
  8. Nice set. Im also curious what sector agent looks like too
  9. 2 members in my league have almost finished the Sector Agent set, not as slick looking as the Incendiary one though =D
  10. Those shoulders make me HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG
  11. Two Sets. One for DPS Sector Incendiary), one for role Healers/Tanks/Controllers (Sector Agent)
  12. It is a very good looking set, I am just the waist away from completing, not a fan of the shoulders though!
  13. ARCHIVED-yca Guest

    this is really cool. did they do a Green Lantern set also?
  14. yca wrote:
    Nope :(
  15. be nice it they did a lantern set like that.
    Looks really nice all together.
  16. theendzeit wrote:
    sigh........ Where are ma hands?!
    WtB Vice not being a loser and dropping my helm also. agent
    Why do i feel this is going to be another Psyco hands incident
  17. they need to add pictures to show what all the gear and armor look like. Cause it's hard to tell what they look like on both male and female with out having someone from ingame posting a screenshot of their GL / Sinestro; gear.
  18. First two updates they posted screens of the Mayan and 2 holiday styles on their Facebook, for some reason they just dropped off. Really wish they'd go back to that. Also wish they'd show us more "Fractured Future" story trailers.
  19. Hats off man...been doing all HL alerts since launch and still on 4 pieces only...

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