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  1. Lately there utilities to change body type and stuff but there is a utility to change the character's sexuality in the same game honestly I want my character is a woman and man will see a woman as dps perosnaje draws more attention would be more exciting and give more prominence to women in the dC Universe characters overpopulation men.
  2. Best title yet... Not quite sure why they don't have sex change tokens. I guess because styles.
  3. This is about the 100th time this has been posted. I agree but its a repeat thread.
  4. it will never happen more than likely. sex specific styles and the such will likely prevent it. i want my dood to be a chick too. i originally just made him to play around, but ended up making him my main.
  5. Deflagrate wrote:
    No reason that gender specific styles need to be a barrier to such a change.
    If you have a female toon with female specific styles then you change them to a male, then those styles change to None and you can change them to other styles after. You'd still have those styles, they just wouldn't be useable so long as your toon stayed male.
  6. Deflagrate wrote:
    It's almost as if gender specific styles were a horrible, outdated idea in the first place.
    Gee. Whoddathunkit?
  7. Kascaed wrote:
    *nods*, like why can't I have a female with a monocle? Then again I think that role specific styles are stupid as well, so personally all styles should be available for all characters regardless of sex or role. But that wont change in this game I bet.
    But the sex specific styles probably factor in. Since people will buy say power tokens and swap back and forth powers here and there, they probably don't want to deal with the coding to switch the sex and then each and every style, not to mention even if they did make the gender specific styles switch to a corresponding on that would take coding as well. I don't know, computer/game coding isn't my thing.
  8. Simple programation can rid out of the styles, program the list box for show only specific gender style, but other than the initial styles there are more gender specific ones (other than hairs of course)? I never noticied on my male or female toon.
  9. change in power is total, also body type, also last name sex change, perhaps a woman like tanking character would not be great?

    a tank or dps woman women would be very very great, my main character is a man dps and I got bored and took 1 year 6 months playing and not entertaining and the characters also look better women's styles.

    sorry if I am not well understood Latin and English not mastered much thanks: D
  10. Last_Laugh wrote:
    This is called psychological pression
  11. I personally don't believe this should be possible. It just seems easy enough to make the gender you'd like at the start, or make an alt.
  12. I did not realize when I created Brit that the "Triangle" flexsuit would be the only way in game to accurately create a Union Jack looking jumpsuit. I also did not realize that this style even existed, because it is Male Only for some reason.
    I support whatever option will allow Brit to look more British.
  13. DaemonicVisions wrote:
    Man I love Ultra-Humanite in the "Injustice for all" chapter of JLA.
    The game already allow to us to change our names, I know that this topic was discussed too many times, but the reappearance of this topic only shows the community desire to have a sex-change token. The game don't treat our toons like male or female, so gamewise this won't will affect the gameplay.
  14. should be given the opportunity, why not just back up a character with the same characteristics are time consuming, and time is money and not worth wasting it u_u
  15. I'm confused - what does the gender of hte character really matter all that much? Is it an RP thing I'm just not getting, or is it something else? I'm actually being sincere when I ask this.
    I really don't understand why this is so important that it should take programming time (coding time, if you will) away from other sorely needed improvements.
  16. Some styles are single gendered, so the game would have to track both the styles you currently have, and the styles you'd have if you switched gender. There's enough work fixing bugs, doing power respecs, and the next couple of DLCs that this is probably low priority.
  17. Best thread title evah!
  18. I will be honest here, i thought this thread was about some type of confession. But this was when i read the title only. I better don't say more about it, because i don't want to get banned here

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