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  1. do anyone know where shaman chest and waist for tanks drop?
  2. not exactly but the shaman set drops in LOA/OUTER/OOLONG/HIVE T2 alerts.
  3. I got a shaman piece out of the grodd duo the other day... :) Dont remember which one, but it for sure came from that Duo, lol
  4. Those are the last two pieces I need too after getting the back in Hive t2. Unless they are in Hive, they might not be in the game yet I guess.
    I also wonder what's up with Hive Defender. I guess it was silly on my part to think that style might drop in Hive Moon Base...
  5. TheWhisper wrote:
    Hive defender does drop in hive moon t2!!! Got the headpiece last night on last boss its really sick.
  6. so nobody has ever gotten sham chest and waist for tank? i know they are suposed to be in t2 alerts but wich ones?
  7. Freezerburn82 wrote:
    do them all to try and find out!
    we at the forums beseech upon you this quest...

    do all the T2s until you find the great chest of the shaman, and then come back and report your findings!
  8. nah it was enough to find out where angelic hand shoulder and remora where:) so happy to finnish those. i think chest is in hive sens it drops some chest for other classes never seen the waist for any class. tho
  9. oh well guess nobody found these pieces yet
  10. been doing all t2 every day sens they arived but where are the shaman tank waist and chest. seen the rest of the styles.
  11. so nobody that does t2 alerts have seen these pieces?
  12. AFAIK the T2 alert role specific styles (Shaman for tanks, Medieval for Trolls, Military Tech for Healers) aren't complete yet. Each role has ~2 pieces that aren't currently in the game. My guess is the next rehashed T2 missions (Bludhaven/Gorilla Island) will complete the set for each role. They'll probably have one piece drop in Bludhaven and then the other in Gorilla Island.
  13. Isn't Shaman Healer only?
  14. nah think all pieces are there, know healers who are just missing one piece of medivel

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