Shaman Style Head: Healers Only?

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-LunchBoxChewey, May 22, 2011.

  1. Been lookin for a shaman style head for a while now on my tank hero... have only seen it for healers. Am I out of luck or where should I farm for it?
  2. Healers only I believe.

    Much like Medieval for us Tanks.
  3. What a shame. My tank head style has been set on none forever. Just don't like any of the head styles for the look I'm going for.
  4. LunchBoxChewey wrote:
    I dont see why he gets voted fown for asking a legitimate question. But anyway im pretty sure its not just for healers if you get a feat for it. Maybe you can get in the vault or from finishing a collection, briefing or investigation.
  5. Just like Snake-Belt is healer only -_- pisses me off lol.
  6. mrlegacy wrote:
    I almost have all Briefings/Investigations/Collections ingame and no, you don't get the shaman head upon completing anything.. It is a drop, and apparently it drops off of the second boss in the Grodd duo and its a healer specific item. Just like the Talon Lord style, which I strongly believe that it isn't in the game. Sadly there are many styles that are not ingame or hardly seen ingame, with the amount of skill points I have and set I have completed I am still missing many of the frequently seen styles (Barbarian, Remora, etc.), I have done so many instances that I heard I might find the styles that I'm looking for but no luck, I also do my vault everyday and I get very irritated because the drops I get are the same drops I get over and over and over.
  7. OyuOyu wrote:
    That is really unlucky i have almost completed all the style sets but dont remember if the shaman style gives a feat, but if it does its not class specific im sure.

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