Snake Style

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  1. Finally completed this today. For the longest time the only pliece I was missing was the waist piece but today my villian finally got it for me from the Giganta mission area inside the train station from a Hoplite Major. I'll post a pic tomorrow of the entire set.
  2. Congratz! I finally completed it over the weekend. Finally got the hands from the Flash Duo, and didn't even expect it.
  3. Congrats man ! Do you remember where you got the chest piece? This is the one that plagues me
  4. Chest piece I got from the level 15 Wonder Woman mentor mission at Chinatown Electronics. Got quite a few of them there and sold many at the AH. I also got 2 snake legs there but ironically enough I chose to sell both at the AH thinking I'd get more and never got another one there. Ended up getting the legs from the Flash duo.
  5. FuzzyPandaButt wrote:
    I got mine in the Flashback duo. Not sure if it was in a chest or a drop.

    Thanks for the tip on the snake legs, Rockhound. I've been hunting the ACE chest for them. Guess I'll jump on my hero and do the Chinatown Electronics. Been needing those legs for quite some time.
  6. Well if it will help I got the snake chest and legs that I can trade. Doesn't matter if hero or villain just make sure you're on USPS3. Hope I can help someone finish the set
  7. I had promised pics of the complete Snake Style outfit, well, here it is front and back:
  8. I love everything about that style except for the back peice. It just looks a little to cheesy.
  9. Every time snake comes up in the loot everyone and their grandmother needs on it. Only got the waist. :'[
  10. randomnoob123 wrote:
    Fret not. Took me over a year to complete this piece.
  11. Congrats on your completion of snake. Its a set easyier to complete as a healer power set I've noticed. Due to key pieces dropping more as healer only.

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