So Devs, will the PS4 play DCUO?

Discussion in 'PS' started by Giggles, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Giggles Well-Known Member

    I am a PC player, but I know the majority of this games community is on the PS3. I love this game but the PS3 community does not have a choice between all the different MMO's as us PC players do. If the PS4 does not play DCUO, I see the game game going in 1 of 2 possible directions. The first being that it closes down a year or 2 after the PS4 is launched, simply due to a low population. Or it stops ***** footing around pay to win and the devs just fully embrace pay to win and sell it all on the marketplace. I personally prefer option 2, as it would still keep the game around despite what happens with the PS4, even if only for a little longer. I know this is something some of you may not agree with, but what other options are there?
  2. SpagTheTapdancer Active Member

    >PC player
    >apparently knows the majority of the community is console players
    wat. is there some site full of figures to confirm this?
  3. TrueMarvel Well-Known Member

    Spytle said it man....
  4. huflungpoo New Member

    Either way if they want it to survive they need to move it to the ps4. And hopefully the will fix the bugs, especially the sound bug. Let's just hope something doesn't go wrong and all of our toons are deleted in the process lol
  5. Jayeto Prime Active Member

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......... thats funny XD
  6. SpagTheTapdancer Active Member

    well, that clears that up.
  7. Hate Me Active Member

    Its out of there hands, this is the reason they dropped that idea on PS3, backwards compatibility cost a lot more and there would be a ton of PS3 games that would need patching for the PS4 besides DC, you can expect that the game will not be on PS4. Its entirely up to Sony, not SoE..and from the past we see that Sony determines its not worth the cost to make it backwards compatible.

    This is the biggest reason PC gamers don't like consoles..I still have Starcraft, Warcraft 3 and Diablo II..I can login any of them any time and play..and they are still populated 13 years after release. Same for CS 1.6 etc etc..PC games just have a much longer life span then consoles.

    Once the PS4 Launch's a few things could happen.

    PS4's will be sold limited with backwards compat, will it yield a reason for SoE to patch up the games ? Depends on how many are sold.

    PS4 won't have it at all, SoE turns 100% of focus after 2015 to the PC Version

    PS4 does have it and everyone is happy.

    Or the last option..PS4 doens't support it, game population drops massively...they decide to pull plug on both PS and PC versions and call it a day..sadly this is possible as most the playerbase are PS players..

    Any of it could happen but even then it will take time..not everyone jumps on the new consoles on release because they are overpriced weak versions of the ones you can get 6 months later thats double the capacity and half the price.
  8. Fenix Member

    You do realize they have put DCUO on the PSN store and it can now be downloaded.You dont need a disk.It's digital now.
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  9. huflungpoo New Member

    True but a lot of people aren't gonna like that. I don't but will deal with it and get over it when it happens. Its one of the reasons why I'm reluctant to go legendary. I'd rather put my money into a PC mmo
  10. SpagTheTapdancer Active Member

    given that the game is on the PSN, I wonder how hard it would be anyway. in the case of the ps3, they had to work on the parts for it, manage the heating, fit in all in the box, the whole shabang.

    this isn't the case anymore, at least not for DCUO. the matters aren't identical in this situation. it would be a port job on console, sure. but it would be having to accommodate the hardware side anymore.

    the big issue would be how well they can code it to run on the ps4's OS and crap like that. or so my ignorant brain thinks.
  11. huflungpoo New Member

    Yes but they can't put ps2 games on there cus they won't work. Yes its digital but the info on those discs are digital as well. Its called the digital age for a reason.
  12. SpagTheTapdancer Active Member

    actually, they've made alot of breakthroughs in the last year on that front and the ability to do so has been in planning for a good 2 years now.

    a handful of well-known ps2 classics are available on the psn. it's a work in progress, sure, but it'll be doable sooner or later.
  13. Fenix Member

    Still not the point.If they can make HD collections of games like God of War and Devil May Cry and have them for download on the PSN store aswell as PSone games, I'm sure they can port DCUO over to the PS4.
  14. Hate Me Active Member

    That doens't matter, if they don't add the hardware or drivers for backwards compat it won't work even if it is digital..and in most cases the console companys want to make a good product for the cheapest cost and sell it on launch for $500..then 6 months later new ones come out that have double the hard drives and what not for $250, they don't care about backwards compat as shown in the past..the only reason PC companies like microsoft do it is because of the amount of different setups and builds the customers use, most PS3s are the same as the next guys..where as every computer uses different parts from different they have to make sure 95% of things will work with the new windows or new CPUs etc..

    Its up to the guys at Sony, PS3 was sold limited ones with the ability to play SOME Ps2 games..not all..not every game can be patched to work on new consoles..and thats if the console even supports it..considering DCU is DRM always online it will be much harder to port it over then a single player game like GoW or DMC..
  15. huflungpoo New Member

    What I meant was they had a system that could play all three PlayStation discs. But they stopped making them. Its nice to see some ps2 coming to the psn, even snes game like chrono trigger, even though it was ported to ps1.

    I hope for the sake of the hardcore fans of this game they port it to the ps4. It would be a perfect opportunity to beef up the graphics too
  16. SpagTheTapdancer Active Member

    R&D development costs would be the only major issue.
  17. thoughtpatern Active Member

    prediction. won't happen. i hardly think Sony wants to put a bug riddled game on their brand over the top system. o only way u see dcuo on ps4 would be in a sequel and that is doubtful.
  18. huflungpoo New Member

    Or......a prequel, everyone loves a prequel
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  19. Drenyn Active Member

    I was thinking I read some where that ps4 was going to play ps3 games through a streaming service. I could be wrong, but might be worth googling.
  20. huflungpoo New Member

    I think you are right but you will have to pay full price for old games. I don't think the ps4 will let you pop in your old ps3 discs. The new consoles pretty much want to shut down gamestop and gamefly. Dlc titles only. Plus Sony will stop producing ps3 discs in 2015

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