Sorc Heal Question: What Does Red Soul Aura Do For You In Healer Role?

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-lookingreat, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. I'm a summoning base healer from No Mans Land server. My Load out is:
    Rejuvenate, Life Element, Soul Well, Boons Of Souls, Circle of Protection, Transcendence
    Im only using 2 powers from the destiny tree and the rest from summoning tree and have been successful with it for quite some time now.
    As far as im concerned, our only debuff for tanks is cursing them from the destiny tree (Condemn, Karmic Backlash, Weapon of Destiny). Red soul aura only activates after killing somebody while having Soul well or any of the pets out and seems to only boost some attacks in the summoning tree.
    Seeing that u cant instantly debuff tanks like some of the destiny powers, can we have the red soul aura debuff tanks as im attacking them? Or at least have a percentage chance to do so per attack. Even some kind of crit healing chance would be sufficient.
    I dont plan on going back to destiny spec healer ever so it would be great if you made the summoning healer part worthwhile. Or at least tell me what the Red Soul Aura does for you in healer role (If it does anything).
  2. When red soul aura is active and you summon boon of souls(shield) you reflect damage back at your attackers.
  3. I count that as damage. That doesnt do much for you in healer role. If thats the only thing is does then they def need to give us more buffs with the red soul aura.
  4. LunchBoxChewey wrote:
    barely :/, its like 10%, and in pvp those shields are basically useless, and Golden soul aura grants you 10% chance to critical healing, whereas red only actives when something dies (thus the soul well being useful for trash mobs).
  5. The shields themselves are useful IMO but the reflect that it does with RSA is garbage I agree...i hope radax and come in here and respectfully tell me what else this aura does...
  6. Red soul auro is useless for pvp. Only activates when you kill something. Your red auro will only work for 1 cast meaning you only get to use it a few times in a pvp match. The effects of red soul aura are pretty bad. Infact summoning is better for pve but still pretty ineffective if using watchers at all. I think sorc in general needs a buff but summoning definatley. There are a few powers that have useless trees. I think ice has a useless tree to.
  7. Doesnt seem like a hot topic to improve sorc. Can a DEV plz just PM me so i can know?????
  8. SSJ_Carlos wrote:
    But the thing is carlos, i STILL do efficient eventho red soul aura isnt giving me anything. I would want an explanation on what it does and what they can implement to make it even better.
  9. Also, i dont have a problem with it activating after u kill someone, just a problem with the buffs that we SHOULD be getting...developers need to think of something
  10. I started a sorc healing in pvp fix it thread in the powers, movements, abilities section if anyone who feels the way I do about sorc in pvp wants to add their comments to it and vote please. Thanks. Lets get sorc healing fixed.

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