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  1. Hey all,
    I'm looking for the 4th briefing of the Spectrum Analysis, there should be 9 but I can't find the 4th. I have all 4 of the Star Labs and the one in Oan, I'm sure of that. From Coast city I have the one in the ruined building when you fight the crazed green lanters, the one in the beginning of the red lanterns, and the one in the room before the final boss. But I can't find the last one that I think is in Coast City... Please help
  2. there is a breifing in the right front corner at the very beginning of Coast City where you fight the yellow lanterns
  3. Still can't find the forth. I checked twice in all three the DLC missions. Still have only 8 briefings. Are there other briefings in Star Labs? I got the one in the lobby, I got the one where the on the fear side where you have to deactivate the computers, I got the one that's behind the room where you fight the boss with the three platforms, and one on the Will side just before a room where you fight the boss. I got the Oan one. With Coast city I got the one at the start, I got one in the beginning of the red lanters, in the ruined building with the green lanters and the on in the room before the boss. That's 9! But it still saying that I have only 8 and I miss the 4th one. What am I doing wrong here then?
  4. it shows one missing when you open the briefing details?
  5. BAIN wrote:
    Yes like I said, the 4th is missing.
  6. has anyone had any luck on this? i am having trouble finding the same exact fourth one too.
    no where to be found

    on a side note: these seem to be bugged.
    the blue set. (The Color of Danger) which under your player menu for the investigations show as 7/7. yet when i collected my very last blue one. it showed it as 7/8 collected.

    the green set. the one this topic is about.(Spectrum Analysis). also reports the wrong info when collecting a green icon. as the last green i collected. it reported 4/9 being collected. leaving me with five more. yet in the menu i only need the fourth one. it showing 8/9.
    now i do not know what the SECOND (maybe even third??) GREEN set is called you get from this DLC.
    but i gathered one green icon inside STAR Labs alert and it showed for, something i did not read, that i needed 5 more still. showing 2/7. then the next green icon i gathered completed something. i did not read it.(was doing the alert) but it awarded STAR Labs Hoodie.(i think. it is possible the blue set rewarded the hoodie. when going into my menu i can find Updated! next to two. one blue set and one green set. the blue set being completed and the green missing the fourth icon. so i am not sure where these mysterious green icons that i found fit in at.) then the next green icon i gathered showed for Spectrum Analysis showing 4/9 indicating i needed 5 more.

    i dunno what is going on here. i can not make heads or tails of this mumbo jumbo.
  7. Rvdo wrote:
    I think the one you are missing is in STAR Labs. On the Green Lantern side just before the sit around and do nothing area, there is wreckage on the left side of the hallway. There is a pylon laying on an angle blocking a door. If you fly over the pylon, you can pass right through the door.
    Happy hunting.
  8. Sterling_Steel wrote:
    He said he has 4 from Star Labs. Each location has 4 and 1 at OAN which makes it 9.
  9. killu provided a map. anymore questions?
  10. ATARI wrote:
    The map contains 8 locations. 1 short.
    The 4th one however (the one OP is searching for) is the hidden one.
  11. Prindacerk wrote:
    I pointed out that one cause (1) it is extremely hard to find if you don't know it's there and (2) he could be wrong and only found 3 in STAR. Time to drop $0.49 and find out.
  12. Sterling_Steel wrote:
    You were right. I was wrong. It's the 2nd one you mentioned. The 4th one is the hidden one according to others.
    I on the other hand am searching for 1st. Don't have any idea where that is (Coast or Star Labs). Real annoying one to find.
  13. Rvdo wrote:
    This Should help you out
    MMORPG Life .com
    full list of all collectables with maps and screen shots

  14. Prindacerk wrote:
    Waaaaay way up top in the first room of STAR. Higher then the green one in the middle of the room.

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