Stuck at CR 50. Easiest way to get another 3

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  1. I bought lightning strikes ages ago so i could finish Deathstroke's contract. I didn't know there was a CR53 min to get in so i couldn't finish it. I had a wee cry about it but got over it.
    Anyway I have recently completed my first T1 suit (Speedforce Spectrum or whatever it is called) and i also have 2 Brainiac defender pieces (hands and belt) to give me a CR of 50.
    The highest plans i have are type 1 - do they all affect CR the same way or should i change what i am using? I think with one of the pieces i added my CR went +1 and then the mod added another +1 however with a second piece and a different mod (one of the health ones) i don't remember seeing the +1 for the mod.
    I have Dom & Pow, Vit & Pow, Vit & Health, Vit & Dom, Prec & Health, Dom & Might, Resto & Might, Resto & Prec, Health & Pow, Might & Pow i can't remember what i have equipped plus i got Dom & Prec (i think) the other night.
    I would like to get in to my DLC so i can make more use out of it rather than the extra character slots and bank space.
    My current plan was to work on the daily T1 duos for the marks of distinction so i could buy a T2 piece or 2 before starting T2 duos. I know this will take time but that is ok unless they shut the game before i get there. I also plan on using the extra MoT for the other two T1 suits as i just discovered that apparently gear you own/carry counts towards CR
    I know i could do the T1 (daily) alerts as well but last time i did that (Smallville) i got a bit hammered. It could have been the group but was probably me. i don't think i was paying attention.
    Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. Aren't you jumping the gun a little? Surely you'd want sum T2 pieces or T2 drops before trying to get CC gear? Or are you simply after the briefing?
    The easiest way to raise cr is Mods and high level grear available at low CR. Get the Earth DLC and get into south Gotham for some avatar action. Not only will you get MoD's you'll be able to role on gear with a 52-58 cr level.
    Make sure you have also sold and deleted any low cr items from your inventory and bank as they count towards your cr. When I was stuck at 51 I sold anything below a 38 item level (except PvP).
    The best thing to do, and probably the most rewarding is to get one or two pieces of T2. If you have the lighting strikes DLC do the tredmil T2 duo and try and get the Abra chest drop (item level 58) then mod it high at lwast a type 1 or higher.
    Follow any of these and you'll hit cr53 in no time XD
  3. A leaguemate was in the same boat. He was stuck at 49 and grinding to get higher so he could join in the CC bounties with us.
    We talked him into buying the Earth DLC and he went from a 49 to a 55 in an hour because we started farming sub avatars for him. Plus now he's getting another (4) MoD each day with the South Gotham stuff.
  4. i want the briefings now. in fact i want it all now but i know the gear will take longer to get and that is fine. i also want a better weapon and i think CC has better/best ones - SPARC weapons - or so i read anyway
    i take it CC gear is higher that T2 then?
    the only gear i have is the T1 Suit and some iconics (Isis hands, Bane's belt and Raven's hood) a shield (i can't use) and the DPS version of the Brainiac gear i have that i was holding for trade. i could store these on an alt though. Anything i get from duos gets salvaged after i have used it for the style.
    i know T2 content is the best way to get that gear but i have avoided it atm. i don't want to go in in all my shiny new T1 and get a spanking. i have had to carry (as i am sure we all have) a few partners in duo's and i don't want to be that player. I want to hold my own. I do know a guy who helped/carried me in the duos when i started. i must check if he has CC.
    buy more DLC hmmmm???.... i had hoped to avoid spending just now. Also with personal commitments i don't have a lot of time for long instance stuff. Duo's are fine, they are short, but i can't commit to raids just now. i assume South Gotham/Sub-Avatar is longer than a duo.
    i don' mind the grind i just need to know what direction to grind in.
  5. I would mod every piece of gear you have, not just everything you wear/equip. Even a Beta or Alpha mod will help, but obviously, the better the mod, the bigger the CR impact.
  6. martinc74 wrote:
    Sub-Avatar farming in South Gotham would be my suggestion. Of course, it requires an additional purchase, but I think it's one of the best content bundles that have been released for this game.
    Just my two cents.
  7. Joykiller wrote:
    never thought of that.
    with any type 1 mod or agrressive types - Might & Pow 1, or Dom & Prec 1 as opposed to say Vit & Health - or does it not matter.
  8. martinc74 wrote:
    Doesn't matter. Good way to get rid of bits you have in excess; I believe the only thing that matters is the level of the mod - not what the mod actually is. Also, getting a necklace or ring drop from the Promethium Boxes will help too.
  9. Run T2 Alerts, T2 Raids and T2 Duos to earn Marks of Distinction:
    • T2 Alerts: Blue Drops = 51 Item Rating; Purple Drops = 52 Item Rating
    • T2 Raids: Purple Drops = 52 Item Rating; Iconic Drops = 54 Item Rating
    • Flash T2 Duo: Blue Drops = 56 Item Rating; Purple Drop = 58 Item Rating
    • Tier 2 Armor pieces = 56 Item Rating
  10. i don't think i am good enough to run the T2 content right now, but i will speak to my duo buddy about the Flash duo.
    i was looking for another way to way to raise my CR.
  11. go to auction house, buy an abra chest or something such and add a t2 mod, if you don't have a suitable t2 plan then get one.
    If you are f2p or premium then look at some of the pieces, look at the price of a stack of exobits and offer exo for a barter.
  12. unless ah funds come out your escrow account plans, and just aboput everything else, are out of my price range.
    i do usually have extra stacks tho.
  13. I didn't see you mention this, but are you jumping in any of the t2 raids? The drops from those raids should easily put you over 53. Plus you're getting a lot more MoD than the daily t1 duos/alerts.

    Correction, I mean the FoS raids.
  14. Daily T1 Duo and Alert both pay 1 MoD toward T2 gear.
    Some T2 Alerts are easier than others. LoA is a cakewalk unless everyone else is undergeared, and it's worth 7 MoD*. Oan should be pretty easy, too.
  15. Reckoning
    no i am not doing raids. personally i don't think i am well enough geared and i definately don't know my role. i am just running duo's and challenges and doing a few other bits for feats and SP atm.
    i struggled a lot when i did Area 51 hard when i was a fresh 30. i did smallville last week to complete the alert feat and it was pretty tough on the group. of course i didn't check to see what everyone else was wearing. they could have been the bear min CR34 and 200 Dom. i think FOS might be a step to far right now.
    i only have lightning strikes. i haven't yet ventured into T2 stuff. maybe i should. is it scary?
    i am CR 50 with 60 SP (i think). i also really need a better weapon (68DPS blaster) that i am trying to get by trade. Maybe nobody likes my stuff (Brainiac DPS arms and waist, a couple of Iconics, a couple of type 1 plans and a couple of superboys
  16. once you do start CC bountys make sure you also do your wayne tech (tech wing) solo challenges as by the time you have filled out your momentum armor it will finish your renown for magic and star labs but does nothing for wayne tech...

    by then you should be 70 something CR (with mods) and 45-50 or so SPs ...your going to need those Skill points and more when you go on to FOS and later Gates
    also keep doing old gotham to fill out your T2 for feat points and lockbox rings and necks
  17. Hive T2 is scary, well just the 1st boss, which is the whole Alert if you can't beat him. Oolong is too long, and pretty hairy. Batcave is a lot like the Raid.
    LoA is cakewalk, and you'll likely find people overgeared for the mission running it. Oan has even better chances of getting overgeared players, because they farm, but it requires the GL DLC.
    Running LoA twice with different bosses was how a lot of people rounded out their T2 way back when. It should speed you on your way to T2 with 7 MoDs toward your 40-60 MoD pieces.
  18. martinc74 wrote:
    When I hit 30 for the first time I was a little nervous about entering these raids not knowing what to do. I didn't want to look like a noob. But, honestly a lot of the people these days know what they're donig and can basically carry the raid. Are you a support class? If so, maybe we can help you with giving you set priorities for going into these raids.
    Since you got full t1, you should be good with these raids. Good enough at least. It's all about having gear anyway so don't sweat it, you'll learn as you go.

    Once you start hitting Kahndaq, Outer, avoid inner, and Sub you should be geared rather quickly.

    On a side note, if you are a support class, you could always make the switch to DPS and just enter each encounter carefully and let the other DPS' do most of the work. That way you'll get a good idea what these support classes are doing.
  19. Run LOA and get a few pieces from it.
    Then fastest way probably would be buy health 1 and buy or get a lot blues. They are nearly worthless so they will be very cheap and mod everything with health 1.
  20. Its only really scary if you havn't run it before, after a couple of attempts you will find it all a lot less daunting. Sounds like you are just queuing in so you'll have mixed results, be with a strong group and you'll find yourself slicing through the content, get a group at the other end of the scale and it becomes a grind.
    As already mentioned a lot of raids and alerts have hotspots where things can be intense, the start of the hard hive alert being a good example. 50CR 60SP is easily enough for the t2 alerts and I'd recommend LoA and Oan. Coast is a good one for weapons but it has one of those intense starts for the unwary.
    As a last thought if you want to prep mentally for an alert or raid you've not done you could watch a youtube video. I'd guess most content has been recorded and posted on there. Personally I preferred doing it all without any spoilers, more intense and more fun that way.

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