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    See first post.
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    See first post.
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    Psycho (T1 Alerts)
    Head - Regulator Alpha
    Back - Prime Servitor
    Chest - Punchline
    Legs - Doomsday
    Shoulders - Havok Servitor
    Hands - Regulator Beta
    Waist - Regulator Alpha
    Feet - Regulator Beta

    Sector Incendiary (FFTL Alerts)
    Head - Evil Star
    Back - Scion Of Will
    Chest - Vice (Oan)
    Legs - Parallax
    Shoulders - Krona
    Hands - Lyssa Drak
    Waist - Scion Of Will
    Feet - Scion Of Fear

    Raptor Tech (T2 Raids)
    Hands - OMAC Batman

    Brainiac Invader (T3 Courthouse)
    Shoulders - Supreme Justice

    Oolong (T3 Raids)
    Shoulders - Sunstone Broodmother
    Hands - Sunstone Herald

    Avatar Infiltrator (T3 Raids)
    Head - Sunstone Domineer

    Runes of the Ancients (T4 Ops)
    Head - Solomon Grundy
    Chest - Solomon Grundy
    Legs - Soul-Infused Corpse
    Waist - Cannibal Soul
    Feet - Soul-Infused Corpse

    Runes of the East (T4 Ops)
    Head - Maniancal Hellthrawl Captain / Burning Path Master
    Back - Wraith of Vengeance
    Chest - Hellish Atlantean Overlord / Burning Path Master
    Legs - Twisted Hell Lord / Lying Path Master
    Shoulders - Avenging Spirit Guidicus / GCPD Elite Enforcer
    Hands - Twisted Hell Lord / Lying Path Master
    Waist - Vengeance Bee
    Feet - Revengewalker / Hazmat Officers

    CODICES (Runes of the Norsemen)
    Head - Eclipso
    Back - Tala / Ra's Al Ghul
    Chest - Eclipso / Swamp Thing
    Legs - Eclipso
    Shoulders - Tala
    Hands - Eclipso
    Waist - Tala / Ra's Al Ghul
    Feet - Tala

    Winged Fury (T5 Duos)
    Head - Ritual Master (Knightsdome Arena)
    Back - Ritual Master (Knightsdome Arena)
    Chest - Jesse (Knightsdome Arena)
    Legs - Jesse (Knightsdome Arena)
    Shoulders - Fearsome Five Boss (Ruined Cathedral)
    Hands - Ritual Master (Knightsdome Arena)
    Waist - Fanatic of Lust / Jinx (Tunnel of Lust)
    Feet - Jacob (Tunnel of Lust)

    Rapture (T5 Duos)
    Head - Cheetah (Tunnel of Lust)
    Back - Cheetah (Tunnel of Lust)
    Chest - Iconic Boss (Knightsdome Arena)
    Shoulders - Jesse (Knightsdome Arena)
    Hands - Donna Troy (Tunnel of Lust)
    Waist - Ritual Master (Knightsdome Arena)
    Feet - Fearsome Five Boss / Titan Boss (Ruined Cathedral)

    Viking (T5 Ops)
    Head - Lex & Superman (Brothers in Arms)
    Shoulders - Captain N'ee (Brothers in Arms)
    Feet - Captain N'ee (Brothers in Arms) & LexCorp Heavy Mech (Bizarro Solo)

    Avatar Infiltrator (T5 Ops)
    Head - Hank Henshaw (Mist Recovery)
    Back - Mist-Infused Iconic (Mist Recovery)
    Shoulders - Arkillo (Strike Team) / Arisia Rrab (Strike Team)
    Legs - Kilowog (Strike Team)
    Hands - Mist-Infused Iconic (Mist Recovery) & Amon Sur / John Stewart (Mist Recovery)
    Waist - Amon Sur (Mist Recovery) & Hank Henshaw / Kyle Rayner (Mist Recovery)
    Feet - Arkillo (Strike Team) & Lyssa Drak (Strike Team)

    Vestments of Rage (T5 Op: Assault & Battery)
    Shoulders - Atrocitus & Lyssa Drak
    Waist - Sinestro
    Feet - Security Construct
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  5. Little Sister Well-Known Member

    I figured I'd bring this over from the old forums ^.^
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  6. Max Volt Well-Known Member

    Good job if my Heartshard shoulders would drop i'd be really happy ;)

    Edit: on that note anybody ever seen em drop on the Hero side?
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  7. Pinky Member

    I found Winged Fury tank chest from the weekly reward box (got it from circe T3 challenge - villain)
  8. Twisted Titan Well-Known Member

    Nice guide i must have missed this on the old forums.
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  9. Ladypheenix Member

    Glad you reposted this very helpful!
  10. SuperMia Well-Known Member

    Yay! This was one of the most helpful topics from the old forums! XD
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  11. MrMigraine Well-Known Member

    Thanks for bringing this over, Sis!
  12. mbdj572 New Member

    Good deal.....thanx Little Sista'
  13. fayde Member

    Guess I can help you out and also confirm that the following Healer Viking drops still drop from the same boss as listed:
    Back - Meta Human Leaders
    Shoulders - Serpant Claw
    Waist - Arkham Final Boss

    Other things that I can confirm are:
    Talon Lord Back (Controller) - Weekly Box
    Seraph Chest (Tank, Villain side) - Weekly Box
    Heartshard Head (Healer) - Weekly Box
  14. ComeCome New Member

    Ty so much.
    Awesome work:)
  15. Octantis Well-Known Member

    I have run Gotham Sewers I don't know how many times looking for the Kryptonian back piece. That thing hates me.

    UPDATE: I am now the proud owner of a Kryptonian back piece :D Now if I could just get that Rapture back to drop in Arkham ...
  16. GamingPandaTV New Member

    Does anyone know where is the best place to farm for barbarian style shoulders?
  17. Captain Just Well-Known Member

    Any idea where the controller or dps Snake legs and chest drop?
  18. fayde Member

    DPS snake chest drops in CC from reapers.
    Not sure about the legs though.
  19. IcieDeath New Member

    Looking for head piece for the Kryptonian style set for tank
  20. Little Sister Well-Known Member

    That still drops from Jor-El. This topic is for the Styles that Game Update 18 changed / introduced : )

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