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Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-TopazJules, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. TopazJules wrote:
    Wait, wait.. i like heroine boob/bum shots..
  2. this is a manly bulge. Dont know this super heros name? hes dreamy though lol
    <table border="0" width="421" style="border: none; font-family: Myriad, Helvetica, Verdana, sans-serif;"><tr><td colspan="2" style="border: none;"><embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" allowNetworking="all" src="" width="421" height="600"/></td></tr></table>
  3. I for one am appalled at this thread TopazJules, we are not just meat for your viewing pleasure!
  4. All good work guys.
    Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne) and his bulging pecs. Is there a more perfect guys body?
  5. TheNephilim-JackalLantern wrote:
    Yes you are. Mwahaha. But seriously, I'm just keeping up with Powergirl. That's all this is about.
  6. I think you have us confused with your average manwich, lol
  7. [IMG]
    Enjoy.... I need a break after this....
  8. i am surprised that there is more people posting on this thread then the powergirl thread lol
  9. dear god O.O............... to the OP your right "what has been seen cannot be unseen" XD
  10. is it just me or were there more posts in this thread yesterday?
  11. HakuroDK wrote:
    Make that three
    I thought I would add The Codpiece, a Doom Patrol villain. I'm sure that quantifies as a bulge, no?
  12. Im still laughing at the above pic. Wrong so wrong.
  13. [IMG]

    Now there are some superhero packages
  14. [IMG]
    I'm glad to see someone made a thread for ladies and gay men to ogle at. It's only fair. But honeslty I've found the more I thought about it; both sexes depicted are heavily sexualized and imo fairly equal all things considered. The OP did mention a man's chest isn't as sexualized as perhaps a woman's breasts but then there was the picture posted of Christian Bale and the rhetorical question, is there a more perfect male body?
    I think the bottom line is both are heavily sexualized. Us guys just make a fuss about it more than women. Perhaps do to sheer numbers in communties like this one at the moment or perhaps because it's a social norm in some people's eyes. The boys will be boys aspect.
    and to stay in the nature of good sport
  15. Atarius wrote:
    I totally agree with you, in that both sexes in the comic book medium are heavily sexualised. In my opinion, superhero comic books themselves have inherent sexual undertones and connotations which run constantly parallel to some of key signifiers of the genre. However, I think it's important to highlight that the representation, and over-sexualisation, of female characters is taken many steps further through techniques such as the fragmentation of the female form, overtly sexual dress codes, loaded dialogue and hyper-sexualised behaviour, to name several. These techniques are by no means restricted to the Superhero comic book genre. They occur is pretty much all media in some form or another. Some just happen to be more subtle than others.
    Also, I find it a little concerning that Damian seems to be packing more heat than Richard in that cover to Batman & Robin. Disturbing
  16. loving the bulge.. I'm getting tired of seeing nothing but massive superhero cleavage.
  17. Krylosis wrote:
    LOL, no girl bulges please. Let's keep this strictly on men, there are lots of "girl bulges" in the powergirl thread.
  18. Squashy_Josh wrote:
    I see your point on dialog and behavior and can agree. But in my mind that brings into question the same for males. It forces us to shine a light on the mentality of what manliness is and how it's portrayed in comics. I feel it's just as heavily stereotyped just not so heavily focused on sex organs, but sex nonetheless. For instance Wolverine, Cyclops and Jean Grey.
    Wolverine loved Jean but could never have her and it was a major character trait for him and for a long time; a driving force for many of his actions. The idea of the prince looking for the princess and searching all the wrong castles; it's something we see over and over and over again. It's sort of saying to us, if you're a man you're nothing without the quest of securing a woman. Perhaps that reflects itself negatively on women; but also against men. It's a one trick pony that never gets laid to rest for any length of time. Even Batman has to have a love interest, or a dozen. (not necessarily robin lol)
    Wolverine's also portrayed heavily drinking, smoking and in general not giving a hoot about what everyone else thinks or does, even Xavier. Cyclops on the otherhand is much more straight and narrow. He's also the lesser of the two in popularity by...a lot. Wolverine is the proverbial "bad boy". "Women wanna change'm, guys wanna be'm."
    In that sense Wolverine is a male sexual equilivalent of large breasts. In some people's minds and ideal, in some a huge negative and for others attention getting if nothing else.
    Maybe the problem is quanity in it of itself? Beast for instance is quite a different take than Wolverine. Batman is quite a bit different from Superman etc. What I'm driving at is perhaps female characters are just to cookie cutter in other words? While men suffer similiar or equivalent stereotyping, also enjoy a wider variety that at the least attempts to offer something different? In essense Power Girl and her chest aren't the problem. Lack of an characteristically equal counterpart without playing to a paint by numbers vanity is.
    Meaning the problem is only a problem if were forced to notice it and is really the only or main option in character choice. To me that feels equally shallow for both genders and ends up skirting the same problem two different ways.
    Also to avoid turing this thread into just a debate and lessen the fun I'm sure many are having.
  19. Oh cool, an intellectual debate on what constitutes sexuality. I'll leave you guys to it, just work around the pics.
    I wish I could've removed her entirely, but oh well.

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