Tech Ninja legs?

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  1. It seems that everyone has these... they must be easy to find. However, I've yet to discover them, and they are the only tech ninja piece I don't have. Anyone out there know where they drop?
  2. On the villain side, cops and detectives around Amusement mile have the same loot tables. There are many items on the table, including tech ninja chest, hands, insectoid feet, and other common styles/items.
    You may also find a level 30 version very rarely off any HMA treasure chest, or even more rarely off any random HMA enemy.
  3. These dropped for me from trash mobs in A51 hma on the weekend to complete the style.
    Lv30 blue drop, some kind of Ace Chemical-related name.
  4. Just got them in the regal hotel Villian
  5. They also drop in LoA on mobs past first boss.
  6. They drop all over the place. Area 51 (hard), Ace Chem and also seen them drop from a loot box in LoA..
    Got a set the other day.. they sold for 100k lol
  7. They also drop off the security guards in front of the hospital in little bohemia
  8. madhatter2084 wrote:
    I think this is where I got mine from, I have almost had them from the start
  9. ARCHIVED-lk Guest

    I got mine from doing the kilawog bounty with a friend

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