the 4 locations of ambush bug in dous

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  1. i have not seen this yet and i ahve found all 4 so here they are ps i will edit this and post pics l8tr
    1.Grod er the first his is after the second set of closed foors on the left hes behind a coupl of indistuctable bananna boxes
    "advice"after you click on ambush use a crate to defeat ZOOM
    2.hive ok here he is on the top of one of the balconeys in the middle its the bacloconey thats u shaped he is in the corner after you defeat the first mini boss the second time hes above your head near the ceailing on a walkway
    4.omac after you defeat the regen twins it over far left behind a rubble of debrieits kinda hidden
  2. Cool...thanks for the info
  3. Villians dont have the grodd duo they get Mr Freeze at the hospital and you just keep going to mr freeze and in a corridor before him he is on the left it is pretty easy to see this one
  4. this is probably a dumb question, but I am going toask anyway...Is there a point to Ambush bug in the Duos? no being snarky or anything...just wondering
  5. you get a feat if you find him in all four of the duos...
  6. Crowley wrote:
    I would like to thank you for the info....but....I'm having a bear of a time understanding what the hell you wrote. Mind going back and using spell check, and possibly reworking the punctuation.
    You may be foreign, and im horid at spelling myself, so i wont rip you a new as*h***.
  7. got ya...thanks for the info...
  8. Grodd's Lab - Shortly after the first mini-boss and the few groups that follow him, there will be a group of crates to the left. Ambush bug hides behind them!

    Gotham University - After defeating the miniboss for the second time (the sarcophagi version), climb to the top of this room. Ambush Bug is on top of a caged area.

    Hive Base - Remember those yellow hexagonal spheres I mentioned that are new in the bossfight, and how you'll see them earlier in the instance? Well, in that room that you first see them, there will be a screened-in area at the top of the room, where Ambush Bug is hiding.

    OMAC Base - After the Incinerator, in the room where you first fight the guys that shield eachother and need to be split apart, there's a blocked-off area to the left (from when you first enter the room) that hides Ambush Bug.
  9. SergeantFresh wrote:
    Thank you :)
  10. So I've nelgected to click on the Ambush Bugs every single time I duo, always slips my mind :) thanks for the reminder

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