The Best Fire DPS loadout.

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  1. Hello guys, Im looking for advice on my fire DPS, Im gettng more and more frustrated with these Sorceror DPS'. No matter how well I do or how well I think I'm doing I cant keep up, and it's not that I bad it's just that I cant contend.

    Anybody no what the best powers to get are, ad or skills?

    I'm already buying all the Crit Hit chances and Damage.

    Any advice would be really appreciated.
  2. I use fireball, absorb heat. imultion, fireball barage, backdraft, and fire burst
  3. Absorb heat was nerfed, if you used that, switch to fiery weapon instead
  4. When I raid with a soucery dps they too destroy my score but I'm a team player as long as we r both killing the trash we move on quicker. I'm a lot better in boss fights tho CPA there AOE is no good when the boss is moving everywhere. It will get nurfed anyway that will be a shame. I'm still getting peed with ppl trying to raid with 2 t1 and banes belt and omac helmet then the whole team getting stuck on the last boss cos there is not enough DPS
  5. Meteor strike, wildfire,firey weapon,mass detonation,volcanic eruption,snuffout.
    This is a high might raid spec with max crit/might/crit dmg spec with skill points definatlly more fun than weapon/precsion dps.
  6. 8k56-qdnr-lr5f wrote:
    FYI.. Tier Gear is pretty useless for a DPS.. only a few peices are actually worth getting. Purple Boss drops and Raid gear far exceeds 90% of Tier Gear..

    If you are Fire DPS.. I really hope you are might based. And firstly go down and get all the Might in the skill trees, then damage, then chance if you have any left.
    I currently have 1500+ might, 64% Crit Damage and 13% Crit Chance.. I have 66 Skill points.. and I use bow.

    My Raid Loadout..
    Fiery Weapon (Cast this before each Mob, never let this wear off.)
    Meteor (Sets the Mob on Fire from a Distance)
    Fireburst (Every Mob it hits ticks 4 times. My hits usually average around 300-800/ 800-1100 crit. So do the math..
    Mass Detination (Use this on the big Mobs.. shield armors, Omac Primes etc.. make sure they are on fire. I've had it crit up to 4900 single target damage.. and its AoE if the mob you hit is on Fire. Average hit is 2000-3000)
    Snuff Out (Cast only when boss is at 35%)
    Reigintion (For the oh **** moments on boss fight when the healer cant get you.. also gives you about an extra 1.2k health for a few seconds)
    ^I dont use the Damage Supercharges.. 1: Because I can get bigger numbers spamming my regular powers. 2. Some combos do more damage when Supercharge is at 100%. So I like to keep it there.
    All the numbers I've mentioned are my Raid numbers.. of course im rolling with a Nature healer who keeps Hive Mind/Carnage up. So if you dont have that, numbers will be lower.
    This is my Loadout.. I have respec well over 50 times perfecting what works for ME. Maybe not work for others.. but works for me. The only person who out DPS's me are Might Ice DPS with more Might. Sorc has never out DPS me. I dont count presicion pistol users.. casuse you will never out DPS them. Well, might since the new patch..
  7. RiotsMenTaL wrote:
    Mental, i dunno if i totally agree with your t2 statement here. My might is at 1466 right now, and the only might boost peice i wear really is the 30 scarecrow hat. Rest of my suit is t2(1.5 waist still to be replaced this week) with one purp ring, one blue ring, a blue neck, and a raid tank face peice that everyone passed on and i ended up getting. My precision dances at 220ish now as well. Around 1500 power. Though i will say from my experience with my fire alt, i can see might staking being highly effective, i dont know if discounting T2 is the best way either. Obviously with your current build, thats what works for you, and theres nothing wrong with it, i just dont know if saying its the best route is necessarily fact.
    Did you manage to get the might bow off RCP? Ive been loving it.
    Kudos on your build though.. to all other readers, ive played with mental when he was a tank, hes a smart player, and if this is working well for him, its something worth looking in to. Always remeber though, and he said it in his own post.. it works for him, the best build for you is out there waiting for you to experiment and find.
  8. I do a mixture of might/precision 1175/275 and it works. I kill fast and hard. I like both and I've been trying to go all precision lately but I kind of agree with some of you saying might is more fun than weapon damage. Weapon damage may be more consistant and doesn't require power, but I like burning things. Mental I might give your loadout a shot. I hope your moves haven't been nerfed since patch 2. I know snuff out was but your other numbers seem real good. I'll give it a shot and see how it works for me.
  9. My loadout, in order of how I cast, is neo venom, fiery weapon, inferno, rifle attacks. I hit inferno initially for over 500 crit with continual damage to a group, and then I mortar that group to submission critting for almost 1000 mortar shots. But yea mentals numbers are higher so I'll give it a try
  10. Some Tier gear is worth it. Epsically the Legs. But full T2 to me is lacking. You should def mxi it up.

    And the reason I think Fire should be Might build, Fire has some crazy AoEs that do hugh numbers.. espcially if they are on fire.

    And I run Snuff Out ever Raid.. I havent noticed any differance in my numbers.. so I have no idea about a "nerf". I know Absorb Heat got nerfed.. but Snuff Out hasn't.. I'm still dropping 4ks on Bosses.

    And to Frostbite: I retired my Tank once I got Full Tier 2. Not one single Rad requires 2 Tanks.. IMO, only Inner/Sub actually require a tank.. Kahn/Outer can be ran with 4 DPS.
  11. I'm a fire tank and I occasionally run DPS just for a change. I don't claim to be awesome, I'm not but I can hold my own. I was just wondering what type of weapon you guys roll with? I'm currently using dual wield DPS raid weapon but only coz it got passed to me during a raid. I've heard Bow so I'm searching in raids for one, I know where it drops just gotta get it to drop. Would you recommend a bow?
  12. A_Spartan_Ghost wrote:
    Sorry I don't mean to derail the topic, I've linked it to fire users in my league already and think it's a great thread. I just have a quick question:
    Did they fix Mortar? I stopped using it since it doesn't land sometimes. And if you spam it, when it stops landing you might as well not even do it anymore because it won't hit at all. Sometimes the first hit won't land and you can't spam it from the get go. If it's fixed, I'd be happy to switch back to rifle.
  13. Yeah I'm almost posative they fixed mortar. What's annoying tho is that it's sometimes hard to tell. When I cast inferno I continueously do small damage while doing mortar and other attacks. If some small fire damage crits for like 50 or whatever, that crit box gets big and in front of mortars normal, non crit 300 damage hit. So Im pretty sure it's fixed but sometimes I can't see.
  14. Alright I tested out mentals build and I like the higher numbers but the long cast times and power consumption is not for me. I might incorperate some of yours into mine maybe but to actually do what he does you'd need his 1500+ might. Mine (w all skill points in might) only got up to 1275. Idk. Everyone is right, find something you like and test other things out. I tested his loadout and I didn't like it. It works better for him mine works better for me.

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