The DCUO items and gear wishlist

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-wildermidnight, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. I don't think theres much left that i really want or need for my main character. The funny thing is the two things I want the most are the two things I've been after since I learned they were out there and they're the two that elude me the most.
    Slayers Blasters. This drops from the gatekeeper in Khandaq. While it isn't as good a vitality boost as the Valorium Plated bow the hand blasters are my main weapon and I handle them far more effectively than I do the bow. The Waterkeeper gfight has become the one I look forward to the most every week..and so far for the past three or so months haven't seen one. I have seen another pair of 97.1 troll blasters while inspecting other characters but I don't know where they drop and I cant find them listed.
    Amulet of the Goddess. This drops from a charmed guard in Arkham. Not sure if this is a once a week deal or because it isn't a boss drop once a day...but i try to run Arkham at least once a day just to finally get my hands on it.
    By virtue of that fact hand blasters are my weapon of choice I also want a pair of 103 dps hand blasters...but I know, I know...I can only get them if the dps'ers in the group don't want them and everyone agrees with it.
    There are a few pieces of Winged Fury items I still need but except for the vitality boost I'm also not in the biggest rush..
    Another band of domination wouldn't hurt and of course one of the two troll clutches would be nice.

    So what is it you're after?
  2. A peg leg.
    Skeleton Skin.
    Hospital gown.
    Hair Net.
    Rabbit ears.
    Chef's apron.
  3. ARCHIVED-xse Guest

    boxing gloves for brawling
    jet boots for flight
    iron man like gauntlets for blasters
    an iconic suit for raven and trigon
  4. Might MA from RAS, Punchline back from ACE or Might back from outer HA, Another might ring from FOS treasure, Sunston shimmering yummy might legs from god knows where
  5. I just want a lab coat, anyone know if it's in game somewhere
  6. Oh and a big helmet for my Rick moranis character
  7. GIANT wrote:
    Agree; want that too. I don't know if it is available, but it would certainly seem to be in the game somewhere since the Waynetech and STAR faction vendors in the Watchtower wear them.
  8. A decent looking Bat symbol chest piece, oh i know, future Batman's compleet with cybernetic arm featuring retractable fin-blades.
    75 Dominence
    75 Vitalization
    75 Perscision
    75 Might

    Yep that looks balanced to me.
  9. I don't think so, the controller can transform into one but that's about it. It's football season, I want to run around in a jersey and a helmet. But that's besides the point... I want the FoS DPS Back piece, that's about all I need
  10. A big juggernaut like helmet
  11. GIANT wrote:
    Same here. I'd like a lot of "Mad Scientist" type stuff, actually. They are, after all, a staple of comic book villainy.
  12. A helmet that looks like a mix between an NCR Ranger, and Helghast.

  13. lex corp helmut is pretty cool. you get it from collections. kinda has that feel
  14. Is there a big juggernaut like helmet in the game from collections?
  15. I would just like the ever elusive to me - fourth world helmet... so I can finally finish that style off after months of playing...
  16. helm of stability.... upon equip this item allows you to play the game freely without having to worry about technical issues
  17. the vit back piece, wherever it drops, i dunno... and maybe a cool staff... dps or troller... i havent used a staff since like february.
  18. Sergeant-Fresh wrote:
    Get 3 friends that will Que up Smallville every day for you. A lot of my league members got it this way, dont have to worry about fighting anything, just fly around and look for the chest. I got mine in Ace treasure chest and I know the Tank specific one drops in LoA
  19. I want the checkmate styled belt been searching since Feb.
  20. I would like:
    - a high collar cape, like what Alan Scott or Ras al Ghul wear.
    - capes where you can have 1 colour on the inside, and a different one on the outside (like Robin and about 1/4 of the iconics in the game seem to wear).
    - a 'loin cloth' style waist (or leg?) similar to what Raven & Circe wear.

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