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  1. For those who dont actually read the comics, DC recently relaunched all of their comics from #1(and since there are 52 titles this relaunch has been given the name "The New 52") and a number of characters have gotten some changes. Notably, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have all had costume updates:
    I wonder if they are planning on revamping their costumes in the game to match the new comic versions? BTW, Wonder Woman doesnt actually have pants. They were going back and forth trying to decide whether to give her pants or not and this particular pic was made when they were leaning towards them. This was the final version:
  2. I remember them mentioning that they would borrow select ideas from the new 52, but that it was too late to go back and adapt the game and its current direction to fit with it.
    So to put bluntly, DCUO and the corresponding comic is all that is left of the DCU of the past. And I'm okay with that. Not totally sold on the new 52. Supergirl's new costume makes me want to cry a little inside.
  3. Last time the Devs talked about this they said they have no current plans to incorporate any of the "New 52" changes, but if they saw something that was working they may use it. I wouldn't expect to see anything from the new storylines, including the costumes, added to the game anytime soon.
  4. SuperSonicDBZ wrote:
    From what I understand DCUO isnt really set in the "classic" DC Universe either. I mean, the whole "Braniac invades Earth and everyone gets superpowers" thing never happened in the comics, so it seems to be an alternate reality(part of the Multiverse they talk about). Of course, I could be mistaken :)
  5. JackSparrowJive wrote:
    No, you are right, but I expect them to take more from the "classic" DC then the New 52. But it's common knowledge that it's not the classic DC proper.
    I wonder what DC multiverse DCUO could be designated as. We deserve a number.
  6. <--- looks at my avatar. :p
  7. I'd like to see the costumes updated and Tim Drake Robin turned into Damian, other than that the worlds are different ones.

    Oh and I actually like the new Supergirl costume like a Million times more than the Pleated Skirt... She actually looks like a serious hero now.
  8. no power girl ....... sad face.
  9. I'm still not completely sold on the New 52, I agree some of the changes are interesting, but I do wish they had left Wonder Woman with pants, especially with how they portrayed some of the other female heroes, they really needed to do something to appease the feminists. And frankly it's about time she stopped running around in a one piece, the pants make more sense for an amazon imo.
  10. It's pretty dumb. DC is a clusterpoop of a mess right now. From Young Justice, Brave and the Bold, Arkham City, DC Universe Online.. none of them are of the same continuity and mix and match things from the comics. The new 52 is horrible so I'm glad that DCUO is set during the most established and recognized period of the DCU.
  11. bilwit wrote:
    That must be why its breaking all kinds of sales records :)
  12. JackSparrowJive wrote:
    It's breaking all kinds of sales records because comic trends show that #1 issues sell better then any other type of issue. Put out 52 #1 issues, and you are guarenteed to break all kinds of sales records...combine that with artwork by Jim Lee and other power-houses, and the storylines don't even matter to be honest, they'll still sell incredibly well. It's the later issues that are already showing a slow down in sales.
    I've purchased pretty much them all so far, and to be honest, Detective Comics is the best in my opinion (nothing beats the Joker cutting off his own face in the first issue). JLA is ok. Always been a Green Lantern fan, so I've liked all those spin-offs as well. The others...meh...quiting getting most of them with issue #3.
    Personally what I don't like is the way they are combining old storylines with new ones...Like Sinestro having the ring (and the GL's being upset...yet has Blackest Night even happened yet since the JLA is just forming? or are all these things happeneing on different timelines? What about other major cosmic events...have they happened or will we have to watch them play out again? Did Doomsday already visit, which lead to Superboy (the Clones) creation in the old version, but in the new version, different story? They need to put out a new version of "The History of DC" so we can follow along. None of the stories seem to fit with other comics.
  13. Pants. Who need em? They gave Robin pants and that-- well okay that actually worked out. But I like that Wonder Woman is keeping close to her costume by not wearing them. She caves in for no one! Not even 4th wall efforts like the pants-pushing agenda.
    And I have a feeling that it's best for our DCUO not adopt the new DC Comics yet... until we're sure these new designs are going to stick. And that might be something we won't know until all the legal issues are resolved.
  14. Since DCUO is it's own Earth.It would lean towards no. But because DC is a comic Multiverse. Having the Heroes and Villains from the other Earths Stumble into ours would be fun. That makes the Game even more Limitless. Sure ya may have Beaten Batman but How about Grayson as Batman? Superman with his Underwear on the inside. Ya name it.

    "Just when I start to wear my underwear on the outside they stop! I'm telling you it's due to come back into style! "
  15. It was high time (70 and more years ) that they correct that was a colorist error on Superman : You see Jerry Shiegel and Joe Shuster when created the character wanted to sell it to the Syndicated daily new strips : It was only when everyone refused to buy it that they sold the character to National Allied Publications (the future DC comics ). However in their version, since Superman was thought for dailies, he was drawn in black and white and he has only the short pants over his bare legs. When Superman was published on Action Comics, maybe to avoid to offend someone having a main character that was going along in short pants, they colored his legs blue. And it was from this that the short pants over long johns mithos was born. And the other superheroes born afterward like the Batman followed suit Now, at least, he has only the long johns
    Wonder Woman was born when the USA was preparing themselves for WW 2 (world war 2 ) and it was just for propaganda purpose that she had the flag pants (a short skirt in the first issues) just like Captain America was wholly dressed with an American flag.
    Nowadays those things has lost their original meaning and they were kept for tradition purpose
  16. DarkLordCorwin wrote:
    Writers and Artists shouldn't have to do sh*t to "appease" feminists.
  17. All I that they need to go back and Redo Cyborg...That was the WORST travesty against that character I've ever seen
    Nightwing looked awesome , Raven was meh, Starfire looked like she stepped outta the comic pages but Cyborg....holy moley He looked like he had a halloween mask on with a leotard and NERF Blasters
  18. Aeonz wrote:
    You mean the new 52 version or the original? Because your last sentence sounds like the original, but in your first sentence you say "need to"(present tense). Just for clarification :)
  19. The new 52 pisses me off in so many ways it's not even funny. I surely hope that DCUO does NOT update costumes or their story to match that of the new 52...because removing all of the crisises makes perfect sense am I right? (Which by doing so, renders flash point...the event that started over the DC universe...impossible) the art work is pretty, and people buy it just to see how badly they are messing it up. Oh and most of the costume changes are just outright terrible...Ok I'm gonna stop here before I go any further on my rant...I have so much hate! XD
  20. I think at one point one of the Devs or Jim Lee said DCUO was Earth 36 or somesuch.

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