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Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange' started by ARCHIVED-TopGunnZ, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. If anyone has Atlantean Royal Seal & Vestige of Tritonis I have a MASS AMOUNT OF YELLOWS BITS for trade. If interested either PM me or send tell in-game.
  2. If you are on EU i will trade you both. I would prefer the limpit and nautiloid fossils but yellows are fine. If anyone else on EU is looking i have 2 royal seals and an obsidian age ornament and usually lots of fossils. Shout me or pm me. My name is in the sig.
  3. I asked for 1 stack and got back 5. Thanks for the bits
  4. I'm looking for atlantean collection #3 & 5 play on USPS3, trading bits
  5. Iam in need of limpet x2, i have a bunch of collections PM me on here. Iam a PS3 Villian.
  6. fouronefiver wrote:
    Lol no problem man don't mention it.
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  7. Thanx guys I finished my collections but I have an alt that still needs them so if you have any extras send me a tell or mail in-game.
    USPS3 Server Villian: TopGunnZ
    Thanx again!! 😝
  8. i have 3 limpets and an obsidian age ornament avaialable for trade.
    would like type 1 or 2 plans (lol) or maybe even the alpha or beta i am missing. seriously i will take exo's or a couple of bits of junk lvl 30 gear. no point in being difficult to deal with.
    i would really like any of the khandaq collection pieces if anybody has spare.
    am on EU server usually from about 9pm
  9. I'm looking for the atlantean seal and coin. If anyone is willing to trade mail me or msg me in game. I'm usually on my villain kitty convicted. Let me know what ur trading them for.
    Oh yea it's us ps3 >.<
  10. If Anyone Has An Extra Limpet I Have Blue And Yellow Bits And A Few Red
  11. Anyone happen to have a spare Nautiloid? It's a part of the Marine Life Fossil collection.
    I have an Ammonite, vestige of tritonis, and plesisaur bone available for trade. Could also trade a stack of bits for it. Pleeeassseee help me =(((

    Hero US PS3: BusterUno
  12. I need Posidonis Waystone and in exchange I have every other piece of the collection if you need it.

    PM me on here.
  13. I have a surplus of Artifacts and Fossils available. First come first serve basis. Willing to deal and I'm not looking to profit, simply trade. Find me in game US Hero Server. Agent Sterling.
  14. i have a bunch of the tides of war collectiong on my alt ill check him in a few and post all the ones i have..
    Murex - 7
    Plesiosaur Bone- 8
    Vestige of Trintonis-3
    Obsidian age ornament-2
    Poseidonis waystone-1
    Atlantean zodiac coin-1
    Giant pecten-4
    thats all i have i want bits the rares ones will cost more hit me up here with a PM or in game im in USps3 name is hartless on villain side if theres heros that needs some too i have a low lvl hero i can use to trade also...

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