Tokens of Merit!

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  1. Tokens of Merit!
    Tokens of Merit vendors are now available and can be found in the Watchtower War Room and the Hall of Doom Pit areas. Players can purchase Tokens of Merit with all existing Marks and Seasonal Currencies. The Tokens of Merit can be consumed to gain new Tokens of Merit Feats, which means more skill points to make you a more powerful force in the DC Universe!

    I dont understand what these will be used for? just to be Consumed?
  2. xDarkRaidenx wrote:
    Ummmm....skill points.
  3. Have a look at the U13 thread? I got some clarification from Meppsy.
  4. LL33 wrote:
    so we use our extra Marks to buy skill points...... um...ok i have lots and lots.
    I wish we could share Currency between our toons,
  5. Mepps just said on another thread that it's similar to the R&D feats, no numbers confirmed yet, but for example: 10 ToM 10 pt, 25 ToM 25 pts, ..... 10,000 ToM 50 pts
  6. I'm guessing feats, like consume 10, 25, 100, 500, etc. merit tokens gets you a feat. Or something to that extent.
  7. My question is, if you get points for collecting these marks can you exchange them for anything at all? It just wouldn't make sense to have a bunch of these new marks just sitting around.
  8. Sazuki wrote:
    would be cool if Premiums can use merits as cash to buy some of those plans over 2k.
    or to do a full repair using 1 merit

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