Top 20 things you want from this game - MUST LIST 20, NO DUPE ENTRIES :O

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  1. Edit: By dupe entries I mean don't list the same thing 20 times in your list. :p

    And no bug fix requests, cuz we are to assume that **** is going to be worked out ASIDE from what new content/features we want to see in the game. That aside, the rules are simple. Post 20 things you want to see in DCUO - be it character cameos, mission ideas, locations, new powers, new features, etc. No particular order, no "#1 is what I want the most", just 20 things you can come up with in general. What you want most is likely going to be in the first five listed anyway. :O

    1- League hideouts
    2- Mark conversion system
    3- ONE mark type for any season content
    4- PS3 test servers
    5- Active in-Game GMs and 'report' chat box where live comm with an online GM can take place on the ps3 version
    6- Villain side oriented raids
    7- Meta characters introduced into T2 PVP Legends
    8- MP3 support for music via xmb or other mixing feature (Want to play my own tunes through same audio channel)
    9- Sledgehammer to the hallways in the PDs and Clubs to open the halls up, prevent door griefers
    10- Lighten up on the AOE attack damage split so attack numbers aren't pathetic
    11- Power type icons for people in your buddy list (so you know their role)
    12- Forum contests by our forum artists to submit new weapon/armor styles and see them implemented in-game
    13- Marketplace features a 'shopping cart' bin so items can be stacked, instead of individual PSN purchases killing our billing statements (really guys, get with the times)
    14- Higher quality voicework. Get a MAN to do the Flash's voice. Please? Zatanna's spells need to be spoke in reverse, not some horrible sound mix job either. And why is she 8 feet tall again?
    15- MODS! Unreal Tournament on the PS3 is probaby the only game to permit mods to be uploaded and used on the PS3. Let the userbase add their own tweaks where possible. Be it their own league 'icon' or emblem, etc. Perhaps have a basic 'skin' or outfit that can be texture modded easily and then uploaded to display your own style.
    16- No name space limitations on character name creation. Trust the community to report offenders - i've already seen a KKK inspired league get shut down and similar offending names removed so this IS working.
    17- Open world iconic battles. This will work similar to the map design of the V-Day event. Take a chunk of the Gotham and Metropolis maps and cut it out into it's own 'map'. Then every day a scripted battle of random iconics will occur for you to participate in and actually fight alongside your mentors and their villains. IE: A section of Otisburg can be cut out in which Batman and Robin appear on the scene to take down Mr. Freeze and Clayface. It's all scriptwork. Objectives can change, who appears can be random, but it'll keep the iconics in sight, and with the amount of options and combinations of characters/objectives that can be thought up, no two daily runs has to be exactly the same. Best part is the maps are already created- just need to be locked off at boundaries and separated. Even better? Turn these into Braniac daily events. Have the fool actually attack the city in a mission where the iconics show up and have to push him back. Can even feature heroes and villains working together to fight off the Braniac drones, then finish with them having to combine firepower to take out one of those extra large lazy 'not doing anything' Braniac ships that are currently just decorations. Potential there, methinks.
    18- Player profiles. Each character you log into can be inspected and have their profile/background checked. Explain your character's origin, represent your league and offer invites to those interested, whatever.
    19- Two-weapon quickswap ability. See pic. See thread. If pic isn't working for you lemme know. Image hosts are garbage these days.
    20- Replace Wonder Woman with a polished version of the original intended Wonder Woman. (FYI, the original is the one the statue in Watchtower is based on, and the face is the one you see speaking to you on iconic missions).
  2. I dont want one mark type for seasonal content.
  3. 1. /roll or /random command.
    Also one mark for seasonal content is a horrible idea.
  4. Uh, miss the point much? It's not a debate thread - it's a 'list your 20' thread. You can do that much.
  5. a balanced economy. after looking at the broker tonite, im sry but these prices have gotten utterly insane. 60 mill for war games plaque? 10-15 mill 4 the signature plates? hundreds of thousands 4 street signs? im glad i got my collections done. as well as most of my styles. but when slimline 20 boots r all up there in hundreds of thousands, we need to realize the economy has gotten out of control. major inflation. im not some1 complaining about not being able to afford things. im in the millions too. but it doesnt MEAN anything anymore. 250,000 used to MEAN something. now 15 mill means nothing. as easy as it is to say, "just dont pay attention to the broker", its huge in an mmo. buy/trade means too much in this kind of video game. and this economy needs a major overhaul.

    on a side note, there is a theory out there that theres a group of ppl posting these insane prices to dump all the cash by way of broker fees and try to actually fix the economy that way. could u imagine? lol
  6. Dont want Mark conversion. I want a use for the older marks. Preferably in crafting 1. Crafting, including usage of marks 2. More Zod 3. Zod as a mentor 4. More Powergirl 5. More seperate story raids like Kahn 6. Expansions to the Green Lantern and Flash content 7. T2 solo challenges 8. More t2 duos 9. T3 alerts 10. T4 raids 11. Meta Legends 12. An expansion to pre existing seasonal content as its coming round again (same as last year and more!!!) 13. More proc weapons 14. More collections / briefs / races / feats 15. After t4 an expansion on the level / skill / power cap whichever way they choose to go 16. Enough content to make the above worthwhile 17. Zod for legends! 18. League HQs 19. Trophies to decorate the HQs - a Brainiac head wall mount? 20. More of the same, more solos, more duos, more alerts and raids. More story arcs. More fixes and tweaks. Just keep it up devs. And next Christmas i want a HUGE Rockerfella style xmas tree in Gotham or Metropolis
  7. Raijin1999 wrote:
    Its there much point without a discussion though? Ive done both
  8. tonito21 wrote:
    Like in Fable. Lol
    Yea I like your list.
  9. FrOZENxNiNJA wrote:
    Thanks :)
    Unfortunately i've not played Fable. My budget means i have to choose so i chose PS3. Plus if i got an Xbox i'd have to stop winding up Xbox fanboys!!!!!!
    Really would like to play the Fable series.
    (Ill make it clear though that i dont really have anything against the Xbox, i do prefer PS3 hence why i chose it but if money wasnt an issue id have both, and a Megadrive, and a Snes)
  10. nice list...let me try not to dupe it but if its duped forgive me a list of 20 things is pretty much can cover it all Ill just list 10 things lol

    1-More frequent power balance updates
    2-League banks
    3-Player wanted posters or within the league one of the players become a league bounty mission.
    4-New styles in the marketplace that can only be bought with converting certain marks. Or just the use of marks besides just buying gear...maybe towards crafting.
    5-A in-depth player stats available for other players to view.
    6-An option to save attires you created,so that you can go back by simply clicking on that look instead of placing the look back all together again.
    7-DC anniversary special events that specific different DC characters show up and gear/trinkets drops.
    8-Better community support in-game.
    9-Better mic quality.
    10-PVP league stats..but I guess this is similar to 5 lol
  11. Raijin1999 wrote:
    Sorry man but that idea is so bad people just can't help themselves. :)
  12. First to be clear this game is great and I don't think its 'lacking'. However, if we're talking about what we want to see in the future here goes. Eventually I would like the game to expand in portions to include the following: 1-Themyscira (sometimes I wish it was the starting city for magic) 2.-Limitations of mentors for certain powers (basically Gadgets is only Tech and Sorcery is only Magic) 3- Atlantis as an Open World Area or at least an Alert 4- Water based Powers 5- Swimming movement mode (land surfing otherwise) 6- Aquaman as a Mentor and Black Manta his opposite 7- Blue Lanterns as NPCs, just because I love Saint Walker (though they would be great support characters...) 8-Maybe a Halloween later on a special Blackest Night event/update 9-Introduction of New Gods material (ie Darkseid) but only after we've move through some other story arcs, Darkseid is too epic to throw out really early 10-Divine/Fourth World powerset to tie into New Gods material--maybe with new mentors 11-Phasing/teleportation as a movement mode (hard to do but it could be really cool) 12- Earth based Powers 13-Crisis content in the far future w/Anti-monitor as an overarching villain--multiversal events and Alerts 14-Mentoring system where one low level character is the "Sidekick" of another player 15-Subfactions under the major factions (like Suicide Squad, JSA, etc) that you can get renown for to open up new quest lines and special items 16-Bounties that can be put on members of the opposing side or rival faction/league (helps with griefing and builds rivalry) 17-Summon Iconic Items. Basically an item you could use that would call a famous character to your aid. Only received once you've reached certin level of renown and completed a long series of quests directly for that character. Basically like Jimmy Olsen's whistle. You would only be allowed to use this very limitedly-like once a day. 18-Nuclear powerset. Powers aligned with characters like Captain Atom, Firestorm, and Major Force 19-Upgraded Level Cap--this I think is a major barrier to keeping this game alive longer. Casual players can't be bothered to stay around to grind just for gear. Levels are more direct and definable. The jump needs to be pretty noticable too. Not just like 5 lvls more like 15 or higher. Too many people see that the max is 30 and are turned off. New blood is required for long term survival. This would honestly require a Major DLC/Expansion with more content all around for the new levels, and the new powers that would come automatically from that, but it would be more than worth it. 20-Include even more classic DC characters! I love the DC mythos, and the only place the 'old' continuity and style still exist because of the New 52 (which has been awesome granted) is here on DCUO, at least for the most part. So give us tons of NPCs to interact with that we can't necessarily see anymore, at least not in the same form.
  13. tonito21 wrote:
    There is. This list isn't just to share between ourselves, it's for the ninjas that like to hide in the background. You know, the ones that nerf things and occasionally do something awesome? Give them an idea of what it is you are looking for, and by asking to list 20 things i'm asking you to be as broad as you can. You know how this community works, how quickly it can derail simple threads with simple intentions. Half the posts already haven't even bothered to list 20 things and it's right there in the title. Lol. Not that it was unexpected, I know you guys, but srsly, you have to be bored enough to might as well try and list 20 things. Don't tell me you actually don't want anything more in DCUO. D= Then the ninjas win!
    Edit: ****, I CAN'T SPELL FOR ****!

    Edit 2: Snaps, people are actually posting lists now. Hi five!
  14. 1. Injustice Gang/Inferior Five Wanted Poster bounty missions
    2. Fawcet City
    3.Wierd Science Powers - Zap guns, Giant Tin Can Robots, ect.
    4. Strange Magic Powers - Gennies, Magic Wands, ect.
    5. Funky Meta Powers - Invisibility, Shapeshifting, ect.
    6. Alien Body types - Kuhnd, Dominator, ect.
    7. More Iconic Powers
    8. Secret Identities - Trinket activated second body
    9. Planes, Trains and Automobiles
    10, Dangerous, rampaging monsters randomly bashing everyone, then we hunt them
    11. Sgt. Rock Memorial Day Seasonal
    12. A tribute to Joe Simon.
    13. Vartox of Valeron
    14. Time Travel to WWII/All Star Squadron raids
    15. Make Artimis of Themescarya give lap dances @ Club Deville
    16. Fedora and Trechcoat
    17. Space Ranger Helmet & Jetpack
    18. More Ranged weapons, that smack arround tanks.
    19. The Dingbats of Danger Street
    20. League Hideouts
  15. Doctor_Humongus wrote:
    I want it NOW.
  16. That's why I listed it.
    There are 75 years of content people, get creative
  17. 1. Same Faction PVP Ques
    2. Mass e-mail option for league leaders. Every leader I've talked to outside of my own league has the same issue. Members aren't paying attention to the MotD. Giving league leaders a mass e-mail option for their league would really help to organize and inform the leagues better.
    3. More useful League tab. The previous one was slightly more useful than the one we currently have.
    4. Progressive win feats for all new pvp maps. All new pve content comes with feats associated with it. PvP content should be the same. Win feats for 2v2 Batcave, 8v8 FoS, and 5v5 Watchtower, please.
    5. New Legends pvp maps and characters.
    6. Listing cap for all broker house submissions. 500k maximum asking price sounds reasonable.
    7. Crafting
    8. Mark conversions for MoT and MoD.
    9. Sell back for marks option for tier gear. Even if we only get back 25% of the marks we spent, it'd be a lot nicer than being forced to delete a piece of gear we got after collecting the style/upgrading to the next tier.
    10. Lobby option for pvp. Make it possible to que up against other premades for competitive arenas.
    11. After Brainiac story is concluded, get the game back to what it should be. Heroes vs Villains.
    12. Wrap up dangling plot lines. (Joker's formula, Black Adam/Faust, Trigon/Raven)
    13. New T2 duos.
    14. New T2 alerts.
    15. T2 Challenges. (Fills up time and would be more helpful in completing t2 gear.)
    16. Better luck in the vault. Almost twelve months doing the vault and haven't gotten the speed boots or acro gloves yet.
    17. New weapons. Sword and Shield, just Shield, etc.
    18. Movement modes balanced.
    19. Customizable styles. Yes, you can choose what style shows up on your character, but others can wear those same styles. I'm talking about being able to make a unique style and appearance for your characters.
    20. Angelic Back style outside of seasonal content.
  18. 1)I want bell bottoms for my healer.
    2)more emblems: a variety of stars, lightning bolts, flames, dragons and other fictional monsters.
    3)I want to somehow get an aymetric star pattern like wondergirls original red jumpsuit had...not perez's later version.
    4)i want shapechanging fixed with more forms added.
    5)i would like to have brainiacs troll neck piece drop. or the fos3 one.
    6)i would like to get it.
    7)some more random elements added to duos, alerts and in ace and oa.
    8)more challenges,duos, alerts and raids.
    9)i want an alert on danny the street fighting the brotherhood of evil with men from nowhere ads.
    10)a supercharge on a level with regeneration and speed drain for trolls (bastion should be buffed to include power regeneration while the shield is up).
    11)more pvp content. dont know how but some sort of raid style arena match. those boring relays where you go get something and bring it to a drop point would take on a new life if an arena match started with both sides having to gather up stuff while fighting ads before proceeding to the actual match. the winning team could then go on to face a boss (a big dc villain or hero).
    12)the next dlc to be formatted like fight for the light but with a dc comics presents type of theme: a duo and 3 alerts. one stars aquaman, one stars the martian manhunter and the other two any popular dc characters but make it characters we havent seen in game yet.
    13)speaking of which: the atom
    16)the effects of lightning toons to be toned down a little. that huge cloud is a hige pita.
    17)the auction house needs to be retooled:it needs to be made so that you dont have to see items you have or dont need. especially collections.
    18)i would like it so when you activate the flash trinket you dont change appearances.
    19)thunderstorms in the city every so...with flashes of lightning and thunder.
    20)god help me but i want the valentines event to return this year...
  19. 1.More Content
    2.More Content
    3.More Content
    you see where this is going. :)
  20. Top 20?! Wow that asking a lot but ok let's see, in no particular order.
    Auto spell check on chat like on my iPad or phone
    A fourth color to my pallet so I can create a accurate space ghost
    Being able to grapple and throw enemys
    More powers like earth, plastic, size change, ect
    More hero/villian specific missions so we don't all do the same things only different
    Custome emblem creator like they had in the old armored core games
    More body shapes so I can create a chubby super hero
    A confirmation to pop up when I buy items and to show how many are in my inventory
    More mentors like darkseid, flash, captian marvel,sinestro, ext
    When I sell items to a vendor the next prison can see what I sold then buy them.
    Better use of money or have high level items only be bought with marks
    A respect point for powers,movement,mentor, weapons, ect at the end of braniac's ship
    Seasonal changes to he world like they did with the Christmas content
    Only being able to need or greed on items that match the class or level your currently
    A survival mode in the arena where you go against wave after wave of Npc's
    When someone knocks you out you can set them as a rival and go after them
    Special events on specific days that lead to different bonus marks
    Have villians do more evil stuff
    And most important FINALLY give the people what they want. Apache chief DLC. INUKCHUK!

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