toughness mods?

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  1. i know the issue has been raised before and the devs said they have no intention of adding toughness or defense mods. but i respectfully ask that you (devs) reconsider this. here is the main reason i think toughness mods should exist... i was in full T2 pvp gear going around gotham collecting exobits. a nature guy in gorilla form jumps me while im getting a bit, cool np, thats why i play on a pvp server. and in one combo set, before i really had a chance to breakout from getting knocked back, im dead. i have roughly 2800hp as a healer, and in less than 2 or 3 seconds, dead. i dont mind dying or getting pwnd occasionally. but i litterally had NO CHANCE to fight back. im assuming this person is precision modded to the teeth and max sp etc, but perhaps with some decent toughness mods, i would hyave at least had time to live long enough to block? thoughts, comments, LTP's, discuss.
  2. i know you say full t2(which there is confusion about, as this would actually be conquest gear). but, what was your toughness?
  3. Not entirely sure what the total toughness was, im not at home now to check. It was the full avatar bombarder (bombadier? Idk) set. The one after the mentor sets.
  4. how would more toughness benifit you? that same person who took you out could slot the same mods, and still beat you.
  5. Freakwhensee wrote:
    and that would be fine, all im asking for is a fighting chance.
  6. It could help because rather than being dead, he could block, then skill would come more into play, rather than being dead before he could do anything. As well as if he had toughness mods instead of precision mods, once again skill comes more into play than a sneak attack
  7. TheMindChase1 wrote:
    toughness has nothing to do with skill. I dont agree that we should be able to slot toughness/defense on our gear. I understand he got jumped while farming bits but, toughness wouldn't have prevented it. It was a successful sneak attack.
    if you want added toughness spec into it.
  8. I didn't say toughness has anything to to with skill, I'm saying more toughness may have allowed skill to come into play. If you can raise other stats with mods, i don't see the difference, if you want might, resto, vit spec into it. I don't care one way or the other, just playing devils advocate

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