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Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-MurerG, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. You can trade the Marks of allegiance (10 for 1) for mark of triumph. Why cant we trade Mark of Triumph for Mark of distinction? Not entirely sure the same ratio should apply (10 for 1 seems a bit low, I would say more 20 for 1 or 25 for 1), but it should be do able... if you can do it for once mark, you should be able to do it for all marks!
  2. Funny. I was just thinking this last night.
  3. MurerG wrote:
    how about trades in reverse?
  4. The armor sets would be too easy to get. Problem solved? And don't trade Allegiances for Triumphs..
  5. Its obvious, because its "a Mark of distinction" so it makes sense that only distinvtive work is recognized and rewarwed and thus you cant buy your way up to it
    "Be a real super hero or a real master villian"

    hope that makes sense.
  6. Ey, I'd like to see the ability to trqade downwards.. So, trade 1 mark of triumph for 10 marks of allegiance..
    Cause for the most part, no one is going to want to keep doing dailys once they're up to the raids etc, so there should probably be another way to collect those styles.

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