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  1. Anyone got anything really good yet?, majority of my stuff has been junk but I did get a Flash T-Shirt earlier
  2. If you want items with stats and something that looks cool,while waiting or the vault to open,I suggest farming hideouts (the one with major characters as bosses).I have gotten a couple of purples from them so far.
  3. I got a pretty cool cape, it's not that great, but it's better than what I had at the time so I got some use out of it.
  4. I got a green lantern hoodie
  5. I got a trinket that confers a "Manhunter" illusion and you don't even have to have it equipped to keep it on.
    Equip, activate, switch out.
    I'm hoping for other illusion trinkets like that... Those are the wacky fun ones I can dig.
  6. I got some kind of hoodie as well, other than that sometimes I find like one or two styles...

    and sadly the rare times I just get monies Q.Q
  7. Azerack wrote:
    So it disguises you as MM?
  8. The other day on my villain, I got the Greco-Roman shoulderpads.

    ... Right after I had helped Circe out against the Amazons, beat up Wonder Girl, and collected the entire Greco-Roman set. Fffff.
  9. T0bias wrote:
    Yup, sure does! Its pretty nifty I scored it the other day. Though it does seem rather strange my female fire character changing to a big hulking Manhunter! It does seem to have a timer on it of about 5 to 10 minutes, I'll have to check it for sure. I also got a Superboy hoodie. It Beta I got a Wonder Woman baseball cap, a Bizarro cap and a Dr Zoom T-shirt. The colors are also unaffected by your palette
  10. Ive got a flash t shirt and some other t shirt thats about it from the vault
  11. Strange Jetpack
    Style : Joker Jetpack
    Rarity : Epic (purple)
    Best item in the game so far, the jetpack itself had no stats but it unlocked the style of it
    Also if i wasnt a flyer already i could equip it for sustained flight
  12. Various hoodies/caps/t-shirts of course, a kryptonian bouncy ball (spawns a giant blue ball in your hands with the "S" on it), the Manhunter circuitry, I saw a lot of guys get a toyman deal, there's a piece of equipment for each basic movement type (gloves for acro, jetpack for flight, boots for speed), and there was a thread a few days ago about some guy's legendary vault drop (orange) that turned him into a cloud/starfield dude with 3 hard hitting powers for about 30 seconds and a 5 minute cooldown.
    Stuff I never heard about anyone else getting would be the Daily Planet cap and Robin cap, and a Superman hoodie. I'm sure lots of other people found them, but they're not in this thread and I never saw anyone else wearing them.
    I'm still waiting for my Kyle Rayner GL stuff, he had a cool costume besides the crab mask.
  13. I've gotten a few nice things between my characters. Three hoodies (Green Lantern, Superboy, and Joker). A shirt (Captain Marvel). A Steel hat (baseball cap). A demon illusion item. A kryptonian beach ball thing with the superman logo on it, which is fun to use in areas with lots of players. It'll get picked up, slammed into things, thrown around, and chased.
  14. Got the Flash T-shirt and the Hawkman Hoodie in one run. Soooooo sexy!!!!
  15. Hawkman Hoodie, Steel Cap, Trinket that turns me into an Insane Clown, Trinket that gives me a Superman Bouncy Ball.
  16. Most of what I get is the same stuff I already have. I got some rare stuff in the beta but now: nada. Does it have anything to do with how the boxes are broken I wonder?
  17. Does the vault ever drop anything useful. All I've seen are things that change how you look, but with no stats. Also, how do you unlock other vaults besides the Joker one?
  18. JFetch wrote:
    It's the only one I've encountered so far. I would be interesred in any others, if there are any.
  19. Azerack wrote:
    LUCKY i dont have a trinket
  20. My Villians got
    Batman Hoodie
    Batwomen T-Shirt
    Green Lantern Hoodie
    Riddler T-shirt
    Heroes got
    Sinestro Hoodie
    Green Lantern Hoodie
    Captian Marvel T-Shirt
    And my Lowest Level Character got
    A Mark of Distiction

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