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  1. a couple of days ago i say a link to a chart that showed how vitalization scaled. It showed how much power gets ticked with each respective move. Does anybody have the link to this chart?
  2. [IMG]
    I believe it's bogus. My vitalization is over 500 and my PoT from psychic blades remains at 14.
    That's what the F3 buff screen says immediately after I cast it.
  3. i believe the chart says Sticky bomb.
  4. buddy2121 wrote:
    I'm aware of that. My concern is that my PoT has always been 14.
    From 350 vitalization to 500 vitalization, 14 PoT.
    Does that seem right to you?
  5. Magician wrote:
    LOL i dunno i specced for 715 exactly and im ticking at 24 with SB on my combat log.
  6. infamouzzero wrote:
    Yes, unfotunately this chart is accurate.
  7. Detroit wrote:
    i laughed when i saw that +1 for you
  8. there should be little ticks that show up for power regen, like healers have when healing, that say +24, for the PoT powers, or +400 for Defib/Physic Empowement, so Controllers know what they are doing as far as power regen...or what they critical for...this would probably put most Controllers at ease seeing what they are know?
  9. I direct so many people I meet in game to the forums, I doubt any of them actually bother looking stuff up though. I recently ran into another Controller, same as me. He was bragging about his vits being at 800 and dominance at 400, he thought I was trying to start a fight with him when I told him he could lower both stats. I explained the difference between his stats and mine (650ish usually) was 2 points of power per tic. Told him to specialize in some might or something, crit chance, anything.
  10. Willy101 wrote:
    Yeah that would be nice, put it in blue. Although it would probably make the servers at SoE explode considering all the issues they are having.

    Though, I know what my output power is, I really don't need to see a thousand "23s" flash on screen during a raid, I guess a defrib crit would be nice to see, still doesn't really matter because do we even know how much powers cost to use? small / medium / large is becomming an exact science, apparently.
  11. Detroit wrote:
    Probably...ha ha
  12. Magician wrote:
    What does your combat log say? F3 just shows the buff, it is actually 14 at base aka 0 vitality, which is actually impossible, check the combat log to see your actual PoT.

    Detroit wrote:
    Yeah it's all in this thread.

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