What is the best wepon for Mental powers?

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-KianaAran, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Well, the title says it all. I want to know what the best wepon is for a Mental. ^^
  2. KianaAran wrote:
    Are you planning on going DPS or being a controller? PVE or PVP?
  3. Will you be going DPS or Controller primarily? Each role for Mental has a "best" weapon for that role.
  4. The best weapon for any powerset is the one your most comfortable with.

    This exclused Hand Blasters.
  5. Probably PvP, and I'm not sure if I'm going with DPS or Controller :/
  6. You barely started playing. You can change your weapon at any time during the game, at minimum effort.
    So basically what dtrain said. Try weapons out and see which you like best. My personal favourite is the Bow, but you should check out Dual Pistols, Rifle and Martial Arts as well. Have fun!
  7. When you create a character, your weapon selection at character creation only locks in the one initial skill for weapon proficiency in that weapon. Later on you can respec and put any additional points into whatever weapon you choose. My mental user has started with 1 handed. If I ever choose to raid or swap to a ranged weapon, I can respec my points and that 1 point in one handed will still be used because later on in the 1 handed weapon tree you can purchase vitalization stats, so any time I want to PVE I'll want that vitalization anyway.
  8. dtrain wrote:
    Out of joke... My mental troller goes in blasters and my friends are more than happy with me, specially the dps gadgets (who is the most monstrous dps I ever met and, quoting him, he feels dirty going in troller mode :p). Isn't the most incredible weapon out there (and for dps are useless) but for me comes handy for my troller... or for my Skerlyn when I'm force to role her in healer mode in pvp (thing I hate, I feel like a barbarian trying to heal in a cleric's place >_<)
    But... yeah, depends of the role. If you go troller, better a range weapon, like bow; dps, you can stay range (that is the marvel of this game: you can actually make dps in great numbers from far) or go for something near and personal, like dual wield.
    It's more of a personal choice and taking that change weapon is easy as walking in this game, you can actually buy some weapons in your level and try them in the dummies or in quests.
    The healer of my group started with dual pistol and he started to test weapons before purchasing the Sparc one and now he's in love with his bow :p
  9. Vengerin wrote:
    I'm dps and use blasters. I love them!
    However, I'm grinding an electric alt dps using duel wield. Love those, too.

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