What Tier Armor Do Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman Wear?

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  1. 'Sup,
    The only thing about DLC 6 I'm excited about is the solo content with Steel. However, it got me thinking. Back when there was a sequence to everything. Batman raids got you T1 -T2 armor, Superman required T2-T3 armor. Wonder Woman raid required T3-T4 armor. Now the Steel solo requires T3-T4 armor as well.
    After watching the sneak peek at the mission, I'm pretty confident that if the big 3 joined Steel to complete the new solo content they'd breeze through it. Since the DCU iconics are part of this game do you thik they play by the same rules and wear a form of Tier armor the way we do, or is the armor they offer just for exobyte babies? If the new 52 is any example every hero in the DCU wears armor now. Even Superman does.
    During each of the level 30 missions, alerts and raids sometimes the big three seem unstoppable and sometimes their life bars drop real fast.
    As such, what Tier armor do you think they would wear, if they did wear Tier armor? T50? T100? Are they saving the good stuff that they wear for release if and when Darkseid shows up?
    Just a little something to make you go hmmn.
  2. I would assume what they wear is what they have on, unlike us who can adjust styles. Hence... how pathetic they are along side us, haha.
  3. They don't need suits armor bechause they're the Justice League. Their base stats are probasbly higher than our fully modded t4 stats.
  4. As a demigod, my tier armor is T30. If I were to compare the mentors prowess to mine, my guess would be.

    The mentors tier is Tier -1
  5. SpartanDemigod wrote:
    Well my tier level [IMG]
  6. NCR_RANGER wrote:
    Ha! Mortal! 30 was an Abbr. for 30,000!
  7. well superman wears a flex suit that only offers protection because it was his blanket from krypton.
    batman is wearing an advanced kevlar blend...its probably like t8.
    wonderwomans outfit was forged by a mythical tailor. it comes with powers that only a true amazon can unlock. its not measurable except that i would say she is a size 6 and 32 C. (get it, not measurable)
  8. Righttt. Look you're only a demi god and Batman has Killed a god, so Batman can kill you. Sorry bro you lose, go qq to Zeus.
  9. NCR_RANGER wrote:
    U called??
  10. NCR_RANGER wrote:
    Deathstroke can whop batman ha ha hey he has to.
  11. Arcinfern wrote:
    I meant Zeus the Mythological Greek god, not your toon.

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