whats the point of trash home base items

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-Ovalony, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. scattered dirt scattered trash etc whats the point in them who is going to use them y even make them and waste the resources
  2. Those trash items as you call them are more or less for the "Dive" style freebie that premiums without DLC6 and free to play members will receive. If you don't want them, sell or trade or even just delete, not really that hard to figure out.
  3. Ovalony wrote:
    FTP people who only get dives can use it. I dont think they can get the other stuff..
  4. Nassport wrote:
    As far as I could see scattered trash n dirt do nothing for feats cuz their not part of any feat.
  5. Ovalony wrote:
    Your posts are scattered dirt and trash. Do the community a favor and stop.
  6. The point is to have options. Maybe it fits the theme of somebody's character. Why are all your threads so critical. You need to ease up.
  7. [IMG]
    This would happen

    foolish mortal
  8. Ovalony wrote:
    they put them in the game just to annoy you...and it seems to be working
  9. Recon4thCav wrote:
    Beat me to it
  10. It will make me feel like a bachelor again because my place is a frackin mess.... or maybe I want to make a Captain Planet lair... whos so tired of cleaning up trash around the world that I dont feel like doing it at home....

    so many options
  11. without knowing the exact details there are a lot of ten point feats to be popped in this new dlc. i'm assuming theres going to be one along the lines for number of lair items collected...then all those scattered papers and messy garbage bags will make more sense.
  12. The same reason the occult style exists for lairs. It's a style. Some people want to be knights and space men, some people want to be janitors haha!
  13. Maybe your lab is like Tony Stark's,
    and maybe it's like Ivan Vanko's
  14. SoylentBob wrote:
    Great job, doood, now this thread is going to get locked for a marvel reference.
  15. PapiOrtizFan wrote:
    No, it won't be locked because it has Marvel Reference. And also, because it has Robert Downey Jr.
  16. PapiOrtizFan wrote:
    And this would be bad how?
  17. Ovalony wrote:
    Because they're funny and this is a game.
  18. gwalir11 wrote:
    He thinks that it constitutes copyright infringement. That's not how law works, but that's what he thinks.

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