Where to buy level 30 weapons?

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  1. Is there a vendor that sells weapons to level 30's? Or do you have to get lucky in duo's/alerts?
  2. There a vendors from factions that can give you weapons and alerts/duo's etc. Also PVP vendors have level 30 weapons.
  3. Can you give some locations? I've searched all over the watchtower and all of them just sell armor.
  4. at the energy core there are blue pvp weapons for lvl 30.. but idk where to get the epics from -.-
  5. schisch wrote:
    Where is the energy core
  6. Energy core is on the bottom of the Meta wing.

    If there are any other weapon vendors in watch tower I've never seen them besides here.
  7. Well that sucks. I hope they add a PVE weapon vendor or atleast an auction house next patch.
  8. THey only cost 250 INF, that's 5 winning PvP Matches...easily attainable.
  9. hi i viliian levle 30 gaghet dual pistols with mentor joker.
    i got weapon level 24 thet i buy in midnight club vendor, i want improve my weapon, where i can buy best weapon for me?
    i see in the hall of doom there is a tech wing thet sell gear from me t1,t2,PVP set but i dont find any place thet sell weapon 30.
    someone tell me in the magin wing there is a kiyosk thet sell weapons but i not blong to the tech wing...
    ~PvP Gear~

    ~Teir 1 PvE~
    Mister Freeze

    ~Teir 2 PvE~
    Harely Quinn
  10. Honestly, don't buy a level 30 pvp weapon. They are HUGELY outclassed by drops in hard mode alerts. First time I did area 51 hard mode, first hard alert I'd ever done, I got a staff that was almost 10 dps higher than my level 30 pvp weapon.
  11. Are the only way to get then still pvp ? Just asking because i joined the pve sever for a dang good reason.
  12. ...this thread is 10 months old.

    You get pve weapons from doing pve content. They are drops. You cannot buy any with the exception of the auction house and from Central City.
  13. A lot of nonsense in this thread.
    For PvP:
    Reactor core, like everyone said. You really really need a PvP weapon if you want to PvP, they vastly outclass the PvE weapons because of their buffs.
    For PvE:
    There are no weapon vendors. You need to do duos/alerts and you'll find a lot of good weapon drops. The auction house also contains a lot of weapons. A 68.3 dps weapons is considered alright for most alerts. When you get a 77.9 one you'll be happy. Higher level alerts have 90.7 and 99.7dps weapons that are even better.
    The best weapons in the game are found either in Central City (where you can just buy them) or in raids (where you have to wait for them to drop). Either way, you'll need a pretty high Combat Rating in order to be able to get to them.
  14. Yvese wrote:
    Ah, PvE weapons... you'll have to do Duos, HA's and Raids for those.
    For the PvP weapons, you need the PvP marks and the Influence needed to purchase them for PvP.
  15. They desperatly need to add role specific weapons to the T1 vendors. nothing special but something like 60 MoT's for a 90.7dps with balanced and moderate stats. Maybe even some 77dps weapons at the faction vendors ( for 25 MoT's ) would be a good idea. I see so many pugs that have decent t1+ gear but yet have subpar weapons crippling their ability to dps.
  16. ARCHIVED-Owl Guest

    xEtherx wrote:
    There are higher DPS Role specific weapons in Central City that can be purchased with Marks of Momentum. The highest DPS weapons only appear after you have a certain Combat Rating.
  17. LightningMad wrote:
    Gonna forgive the necropost because the game is resurging.
    Some of the "better" buyable L30 weapons are at the PvP vendors in the lower part of the Meta Wing (Captain Cold and Black Adam are there). The "blue" weapons cost just money, or there are higher power purple ones which cost Marks of Conquest. The bad news is they cost 120 marks each which is a freakin' ton. The good news is you never have to deal with gankers or over-ego'd veterans in the wild, all the PvP stuff on PvE is nicely filtered into controlled matches you join like Alerts. The other nice thing is Legends, which lets you play as one of the popular DC characters. It's not so much a bruise to the ego when it's not your toon getting thrown around, and Legends toons have pretty silly taunts which makes it funny. I'm saving up Marks of Legend for Bane currently cuz his taunts are the best.
    I hate PvP too but Legends is a cool alternative when I'm all Alert'd out. I have 49 Marks of Conquest so far and it feels to be going quick.
    Of course all of this assumes you're still in the "getting T1 armor" territory. Once you get to the higher tiers the dropped weapons will likely demolish any of this.
  18. I know CC has 103 and 113dps weapons but it does not help those with a CR below 53. I was stating that they need to add something like a 77dps weapon to faction ventors and 90dps weapons to t1 or even the t2 vendors so people are not lacking in their dps like they are using 60dps weapons. The stats dont have to be great just average and well balanced.
  19. Pro Tip: The chest in Khandaq can be farmed solo and drops 77.9 DPS weapons. You can farm it once per week and hope to get lucky with getting a weapon you will use.

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