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  1. We're in a middle of an alert...why do we get a 10 minute notice? And why's the world shutting down?
  2. Mail, broker, LSOD, ect.
  3. Emergency Server Reset if I had to guess... Mail was glitchy, broker was t.a.r.f.u.n'd, the usual suspects. Come back in an hour or so...
  4. Chewsy wrote:
    You were playing at all? nobody could trade, mail wasn't working, broker wasn't working, players were taking over 15 minutes to relog if they manage to log, i smell the incoming shutdown even before see the announce lol.
  5. Haha, my league and I were doing fine. Nobody I know has had any problems lately o_0 lol
  6. I just had 2 lsod. I say good job devs. Better than waiting til tomorrow.
  7. I logged in literally one minute before the 10 minute warning came through chat. Sent some items from one character to the other via mail, hope i dont lose the items.
  8. I wasn't having any problems at all. Luckily I finished my Duo with a few minutes to spare : )
  9. 13igTyme wrote:

    But I feel you. It took me like 2 minutes just to accept mail. But what does suck was I helping a PUG group obtained the Speed Feat for FOS 2. We were 15 minutes in, at the 2nd boss & WHAM!

    But it happens. Hopefully they get what's wrong right & then, back to gaming.
  10. Me personally i think teh whole game is glitching out its been pretty laggy all day i figured something was going on becuz i rarely lag, Also the fact that when we were fighting Magic in Gates everytime we wiped adn re fought he kept doing the same thing he would spawn adds back to back the whole fight, we start...1min int eh fight adds spawn kill them all...1min adds spawn...and the cycle continues it was wired we almost beat it though but we just couldnt do it( Notw it was a pugged group)
  11. We had to restart to address a technical issue. We'll be back up shortly. Sorry about the delay.
  12. Mepps wrote:
    Will the shut down address the "Can't get to character select screen" issue?
  13. I was solo trolling fos 2 because people kept dcing. We made it to meta and the world shut down. Good times. 700k+ power out too. Stressful stuff. Thanks for the bailout, Mepps!

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