Why tier 3 armor?

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-irmensul, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. what do we need it for again? one raid? cos I nearly had my tier 2...im just wondering what new content justifies a new armor set,not complaining..
  2. The new set of raids coming out are supposed to be harder
  3. More Raids, harder Alerts, etc. New armor is always released for harder content that is released in the future.
  4. irmensul wrote:
    It's just moving the carrot forward my friend. All in the name of progression...
  5. For those people that have their Tier 2 role armour. And the DPS. And have all the T1 from the 3 mentors. And 2 or 3 Full sets of Pvp. And have 85 - 90 SP. And have 250 or so MOD that they cant spend. And have ran every Duo, Alert and Raid a BILLION TIMES but love the idea of this game! And are bored, it give US something to do!
  6. Voltaire wrote:
    isn't that crazy though, I have people in my league with over 400 MoD. damn, 400MoD. That is basically running every raid every week, since the game launched. i'm still not full T2, but I got a couple of 1.5's
  7. Voltaire wrote:
    ...hahaha I feel your pain...com'n GU4.
  8. I have 770 Marks of triumph, 780 Marks of disctintion... All 3 Tier 1 sets, My Full PVP Iconic Set, My Full t2 pve set, and Im hoping in update 4 we get the other T2 sets unlocked so I can buy them... Also I hope Im able to trade my MOT for MOD since Im sick and tired of piling them up in my inventory...
  9. Definitely need a MoT > MoD conversion system.
  10. Raijin1999 wrote:
  11. Justice-Devilman wrote:
    same here, like 4 guys that i know of have 200+ of every mark even legend. one guy has 800. i just cant see how you could build up that many marks its insane
  12. Voltaire wrote:
    Did you ever think of starting a new character?
    Besides that.....JEEZ you have a lot of free time!
  13. There sure does seem like a lot of unemployed single people in here lol I know what you mean though. I have got my Full Tier 2 armour and it just seems like killing time now. With more and more people getting full T2 the raids are becoming a little easy as well. Not been in a team that wiped for ages now.
  14. Lol ddog Fo sho
  15. Why tier 3 armor?
    so they can add tier 4, 5 and 6 armor later.
    newer better gear keeps people playing, thus keeping the sub money coming in.
  16. yeah it was a dumb question heh..just wish i hadnt missed january n febuary,feel like im always playing catch up
    and uh..mot/d dont take up inventory spaces ..but i know what y meant...wish we could pass old stuff we earnt on to alts instead of deleting it..i know some of you disagree with that
  17. My biggest issue is just that the new tier armors only provide stat boosts and fill me nothing but "meh". I'd like a variety of same tiered armor a player can choose from that would boost certain play styles and abilities along with the stat boosts.
  18. 3 comes after the number 2 is mostly the reason. They were going to call it Tier Shenanigans but that didn't make it past QA
  19. MIAPhilly1 wrote:
    I have a huge stack of MoDs. SOE gave me a whole mess. Running the Dailies daily gives you MoTs and MoDs. Even if you don't grind Duos (and now Challenges), you quickly build T1 and T2 marks. Any player that can get 20 minutes a day can run the Daily Duo and Vault. It's a lot more progress toward T2 than playing all day Saturday. If you run LoA everyday, you can nab another 6 MoDs. You don't have to sit in the WT all night waiting on 1 more then gtg.
  20. At least with T3 here, people might actually want to do T2 Oolong now.

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